CCoA affiliation with Historic Naval Ships Association


Historical Naval Ships Association

More than thirty years ago a group of individuals representing a number of formal naval vessels established the HNSA. Its purpose is to facilitate the exchange of information and provide mutual support among those who are working hard to maintain their aging vessels physically and financially. The ships of the HNSA are located not only in the nation's coastal seaports, but on lakes and rivers far from the sea, in the midst of the United States, as will as in Canada, western Europe and Australia. The HNSA is performing a great service by keeping our maritime and naval traditions alive and well for future generations.

HNSA, 5245 Cleveland Street #207, Virginia Beach, Virginia 23462-6505, phone: (757) 499-1044, fax: (757) 499-6378



hnsacert.jpg (52659 bytes) Photo of the Membership Certificate.