JT Born "Mike Boat" Photos

Our 7.62 cal. machinegun (starboard side-bow) if foreground and good shot of PBR's HSSC.0a.jpg (34889 bytes) HSSC.2a.jpg (40367 bytes) Full view of Mike Boat later called SEAL's Mini Battleship
Port side con area HSSC.3a.jpg (47253 bytes) HSSC.4a.jpg (61611 bytes) 2 POW's (Charlie) enjoying our first class accomidations next to our 81mm mortar with piggyback 50 cal. machinegun
View of the stern which has a 50 cal. machinegun with a piggy back Honeywell 40mm grenade launcher (250 grenades a minute-belt fed). This was our stinger HSSC.5a.jpg (49733 bytes) HSSC.6a.jpg (46447 bytes) View of port bow
View of port midships HSSC.7a.jpg (52047 bytes);  HSSC.8a.jpg (42963 bytes) Our 106mm Recoiless Rifle mounted over the con. It was later relocated over the wooden well deck top. We frequently fired flachette rounds (50,000 tiny finned darts) when in close to the beach
View of port side showing original canvas top HSSC.9a.jpg (47864 bytes); HSSC.10a.jpg (54067 bytes) View of starboard side (bow) 7.62 machinegun
Con HSSC.11a.jpg (49293 bytes); HSSC.12a.jpg (48139 bytes); 106mm on the wooden welldeck top
View of the sleeping quarters in the well deck, only complaint was that we did not have maid service on board. HSSC.13a.jpg (64119 bytes); HSSC.14a.jpg (55968 bytes); Heading out on one of our 10 hour rides to insert the team.
Starboard stern 50 cal. machinegun HSSC.15a.jpg (49177 bytes); HSSC.16a.jpg (52492 bytes); Yours truly behind the wheel
Yours truly seated by the bow wearing a coat. Must have had a freeze come in and the temperature slightly dropped below 130 degrees. HSSC.17a.jpg (50533 bytes); HSSC.18a.jpg (41170 bytes); Our Bravo Unit LCPL in action near Check point Charlie off the Bassic River
Yours truly HSSC.19a.jpg (63286 bytes); HSSC.20a.jpg (54060 bytes); Again yours truly (age 20)
14' Boston Whaler with your's truly. I inserted the SEAL Teams with this boat more often than with the IBS. As you can see there was lots to hide behind coming in on a hot extract. HSSC.21a.jpg (53550 bytes) HSSC.22a.jpg (55429 bytes) Your's truly bathing with the crocks in the Mekong River. Actually I was taking advantage of the situation and looking for a new pair of shoes and maybe a belt.
IBS our other insertion boat. Again not exactly what one would have in mind to be in on open water with charlie shooting at you or a hungry crock to deal with. Sometime I'll tell you about the snake that fell from a piece of branch sticking out of the water in a small back canal. It fell into the boat. There is 135 species of snake in Vietnam and 132 are poison. HSSC.23a.jpg (54909 bytes) HSSC.24a.jpg (57571 bytes) This was taken looking out of our starboard side in a small canal. Charlie had fired on us from the village and our get tough policy went into effect
Hutch on fire HSSC.25a.jpg (40930 bytes); HSSC.26a.jpg (58763 bytes) Vietcong Chief - snatch and grab operation. Took a shotgun round to the head. He did not survive.
This is a Phantom Raider that we called in on an estimated 2000 VC and NVA. Photo shows him dropping napalm, I heard him over the radio say "Got ya". This was a South China Sea operation near the mouth of the Bassic HSSC.27a.jpg (58990 bytes) HSSC.28a.jpg (50494 bytes) 750 pound bomb from air support
SEAL's blowing up a tunnel under the hay stack HSSC.29a.jpg (73381 bytes) HSSC.30a.jpg (55688 bytes) Another visitor to our inn called Charlie
Charlie HSSC.31a.jpg (48272 bytes) HSSC.32a.jpg (61695 bytes) Charlie in the female gender
SEAL's returning to the boat enjoying the smelly river mud HSSC.33a.jpg (69450 bytes) HSSC.34a.jpg (49010 bytes) Down town MyTho
Another charlie, sporting the latest in terrorist clothing design HSSC.35a.jpg (56581 bytes) HSSC.36a.jpg (53548 bytes) Our boat at dry dock
the rest of the boat at dry dock. You can see the half pipe we welded over the exhaust that helped make us quiet HSSC.37a.jpg (52967 bytes) HSSC.38a.jpg (48322 bytes) The remains of a bunker that we had trouble with the night before
Our flag HSSC.39a.jpg (58528 bytes) HSSC.40a.jpg (51634 bytes) Typical house on stilts near Ham Loung. This photo was taken during the time we were man hunting the VC that killed Seaman David George Quellet on PBR 124. SN Quellet received the Medal of Honor and was one of our drinking buddies who slept in the room next to mine. Circa March 7, 1967.
Air shot over delta showing some of the many islands the VC used to hop across. HSSC.41a.jpg (49681 bytes) HSSC.42a.jpg (59439 bytes) Over delta looking at rivers.

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