New Patrol and Rescue Vessels in the News being developed around the World.

This section researched  and presented by
Lee Wahler,
Retired LCDR SWO and former PBR Patrol Officer.

Formerly Boston Whaler C & G Products Products, now Brunswick’s Commercial and Government Boats. Military operations are probably the toughest of missions for any boat. In one test, marines put a thousand rounds of automatic weapons fire into a Whaler hull and it stayed afloat. There are lightweight, shallow-draft models with unequaled lift capacity for inshore or riverine work.

Willard is the premier fiberglass boatbuilder for the US Navy.  It is only recently that they have been building aluminum boats.  They are subcontractors to Marinette Marine to build some of the Long Range Interceptors for the USCG.

Ocean Technical Services, Inc. Otech has been builidng RHIBs since the mid-80s and are currently suppying boats to both the USCG and other DOD services.  They submitted a very interesting hydrofoil supported catamaran for the USCG RB-M but it did not win (its for sale here!).

United States Marine, Inc. (USMI), Gulfport, Miss., has successfully completed sea trials of its enhanced 90 foot composite Mark V Patrol Boat (MKV-PB(C)) special operations craft. It is constructed using advanced composite building materials, the craft is an enhanced version of USMI's 82 ft Mark V SOC interdiction craft, currently in use by U.S. Special Operations Command.

Dockstavarvet is a leading producer of aluminum boats for professional use in Scandinavia and on the international market. The first aluminium boat was delivered in 1969. High quality, short lead times and customized solutions are the shipyard’s trademarks. They were the originator of the CB-90 design Wikipedia story here.

Since 1985, Silver Ships/AMBAR has been designing and manufacturing custom aluminum boats. We have stayed on the leading edge of technology using the most up-to-date design software available. Our success in this area is a key component in achieving quality custom boats. At Silver Ships the customer's needs are discussed one-on-one with one of our experienced staff members. We start with the type of duty the vessel will perform.

United States Marine, Inc. (USMI) has and is building several boats for the US Navy and Marines.  Most notably are the 11 meter RIB for NSW and the SOC-R aluminum riverine patrol boat which both NSW and NECC uses. Als their HSL on T-AGS oceanographic ships.

SeaArk Marine was formerly MonArk Boat Co, and custom-built all-welded aluminum work boats for over 45 years. They have been supplying boats to US Navy for both coastal warfare and harbor defense for sometime.  They built the orginal River Assault Craft for the Marines which is called Stinger.

Zodiac Military and Professional Craft is one of the world's largest builders of fast inflatables and RHIBs. The company provides full up boats as well as standard and specialized engines and has an engineering and logistical support. In addition they have a formal fast RHIB training academy. The current projects of interest is the USCG Short Range Prosecutor.  See Zodiac Hurricane HERE

M Ship Co., LLC, of San Diego, California, is a veteran-owned small business specializing in the design, development and delivery (D3) of innovative marine concepts for the military, commercial and recreational markets. Inventions patented by the firm's founders have redefined naval architectures' approach to achieving improved speed and stability and set new benchmarks for performance on the water.

Coast Guard personnel have been taking Ohio's only ice boat out on Lake Erie for training missions. Five crew members of the U.S. Coast Guard Station in Marblehead braved chilly temperatures this week for a 1 1/2-hour training session which began and ended at Dempsey Fishing Access area in Danbury Township. "It'll go over the water, over the ice. We drove it right up the ramp.

Umoe Mandal AS  (Norway) is a leading force in naval technology and they plan to stay in this position. Their products include Mine Counter Measure Vessels, Search and Rescue Craft, Air Cushion Catamaran Fast Attack Craft, Monohull High speed Patrol and Attack Craft.

To provide a fast response vessel that would be capable of operations in both fresh and salt water, a small, 50-ft aluminum fast attack fireboat was developed. Built at Metalcraft in Kingston, Ontario, the vessel arrived in Seattle in August 2007

Response Boat -  Medium Replacing the capability of the 41' UTB and other large non-standard boats for the United States Coast Guard. Marinette Marine Corporation (MMC) in Marinette, WI and Kvichak Marine, Kent, WA are joint builders of these vessels.

Moose Boats builds the highest-quality aluminum catamarans in the industry. Our boats are designed to meet a variety of mission-specific applications for law enforcement, emergency response and security patrol purposes.       Photo Gallery

DefenseNews.com The Israeli Navy soon will receive the first of seven fast patrol craft, aiming to nearly double its coastal defense capabilities by 2009. Contracted in January 2006 under a combined U.S. Foreign Military Sales (FMS) and locally funded MoD program, the acquisition includes four Super Dvora Mk-IIIs by Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) and three Shaldag, or Kingfisher, craft by Israel Shipyards. Story here

Aluminum Chambered Boats (ACB), Inc. Bellingham, Washington, reports that it has shipped the first of 47 rigid hull inflatable boats for the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Boat-Large (CB-L) fleet. The 24’ CB-L has been shipped to New Jersey for ‘finalacceptance’ by the end user and deployment on a 210’ Coast Guard Cutter.

SAFE Boats International, has been contracted to provide a new asset to the United States Navy’s Riverine force. The vessel, designated as the Riverine Command Boat (RCB), is a 49-ft. diesel/jet platform with reconfiguration capabilities that will allow the Navy to convert the vessel’s mission with minimal changes to the base design. More Here

Midnight Express, CBP.  Border Patrol Maritime Branch now DHS CBP standardized on Mercury outboards.  See photo of one of their pursuit boats at Andrews AFB. Governments around the world have employed Midnight Express and its 39' Interceptor to apprehend other boats on the water.   See their website here.

SAFE Boats RB-S Defender Class for CG. Designed exclusively for the United States Coast Guard by SAFE Boats International, the RB-S (Response Boat, Security) "Defender" Class is the perfect boat to combat terrorism threats, and help keep our country's borders safe and secure.

(01/28/04)   Maximum Thunder, to build a Fast Attack Craft Target Boat (FACT Boat). US Naval Air Warfare Weapons Division has selected  Maximum Thunder, to build a Fast Attack Craft Target Boat (FACT Boat)!  We got the award mid December . . .

(07/27/03)  Cutfinger Watercraft with a patent for the world fastest rough water craft. This is a new concept for boat and watercraft propulsion. It will revolutionize boat design forever by allowing watercraft to sustain high speeds while slicing through sea swells - not over them. The new design was recently awarded a U.S. patent and International patent for the overall design, as well as detailed systems that the watercraft will employ.   Their website here.

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