Hi Jim, Bill Bremer asked me to contact you with my info. I was with BSU from late 1968 to about May 1970. Did 1 tour with a special team of 26 guys, 1 office in charge (Lt. Kenny King) 1 chief (Johnson?) and 24 guys to man 6 LSSC boats. We set up at Bien Thuy with 6 new boats, which we had to do some work on. They were full of rain water that collected during transit. We also had to mount radios and antennas. It took several week to get the boats in shape to test. We spent several months doing ops out of Bien Thuy and then moved to Nha Be for several more months. We were a test to see if we could be a rapid response team, to support freighters who came under attack while enroute up the river to Saigon. Lucky for us we never had to do it. It just didn't work. 

The best e-mail for me is: qmp@pobox.com         Thanks, Terry Knott - Whittier,Ca

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