In Memoriam

Mobile Support Team-2

(Another work in progress: If you know anything about these heroes, their lives or their deaths, please contact me at williamdbremer@mst2-vietnam.info

EN2 Ronnie G. Alcock (_/_/_ - 5/17/69)

MST-2ís first casualty, EN2 Ronnie G. Alcock, from Greenville, NC, was serving with MST-2, Det B, out of Rach Gia, at the time of his death.† He and three SEALS were killed at Kieng Geng by a mortar round.

SN David E. Westover (_/_/_ - 7/28/69)

A member of MST-2, Det A, operating out of Nha Be, SN David E. Westover, of Windom, Kansas, was killed on July 28, 1969.

ETR2 Howard Blandino (6/17/48- 1/29/70)

A member of MST-2, Det B, operating out of Den Luc, ETR2 Howard Blandino, from Warren, Michigan, suffered multiple fragmentation wounds at Tay Ninh on January 26, 1970. He died from his wounds on January, 29, 1970.

BM2 Calvin R. Gish (_/_/_ - 7/2/70).

MST-2ís last combat death, BM2 Gish was from Highland, Indiana.


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There are a number of Internet Memorials to US Navy SEALs and UDT members who died in Vietnam,† including the Cyberseals.Memorial page.