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My name is Bill Bremer, and, as LTJG Bremer, from September 1970 to March 1971, I had the privilege of being the OIC of Boat Support Unit One’s Mobile Support Team Two, Detachment Golf. MST-2 Det. Golf provided boat support to U.S. Navy SEALs and South Vietnamese Navy SEALs (LDNNs) operating in and around Dung Island from the Long Phu Intermediate Base near where the Bassac River meets the South China Sea in the Mekong Delta of Vietnam.
In the beginning of 2002 I recovered -- after twenty years in storage -- a box that contained the remains of my Navy files, some photographs, and my Boat Support Unit One plaque.  What struck me is how little I remembered, and I was deeply saddened when I looked at the picture of my detachment that graces the home page and realized that I couldn’t remember these fine men’s names. Thanks to this site, Barry Strausbaugh of Julliet Platoon, Tom Collinson of MST-2 Det. Golf, and some great blind luck, my memory has been refreshed --I now have their names and have found three of them.

While my original idea of setting up this web site was to memorialize my own detachment, as I have proceeded, I've learned that I need and want to tell the more complete story of MST-2 and the SEALs they served in Vietnam from 1967-1971. For example, one story that dominated my stay in Vietnam and my memories since then is the story of Mike Collin’s bad luck X-Ray platoon and the brave operating members of MST-2 Detachment Alpha who supported them and who suffered so many casualties. 

I feel so fortunate that through this site, I've reconnected with Johnny McClaren, who lost a leg in the ambush on 28 February 1971 and who I last saw in the Ben Thuy hospital on 1 March. He is one of the true heroes of MST-2, and it's an honor to now include him among those who I've met through this site that I now consider my friend.

There are many other MST stories that should be told.  These stories include the story of the men who were there at the beginning of MST-2 (“Project Zulu”) and the stories of people like Admiral Robert J. Natter, who was awarded a Silver Star and is now the Commander in Chief, Atlantic Fleet, and people like Father Ed McMahon, who acted as the SEAL/MST-2 Chaplain and is now the Chaplain for the New York Yankees. Maybe even as important as telling stories, I want this web site to be a means for bringing people back in contact with former comrades.

As with any such project, there are numerous people to thank. My first angel was Dennis J. Cummings, of Real War Stories and author of The Men Behind the Trident: SEAL Team One in Vietnam.  Others who have provided considerable assistance to date are Jim Born, T.L. (Bo) Bosiljevac, the author of SEALs: UDT/SEAL Operations in Vietnam, BMC Jim Comer, U.S. Navy (Ret.), Commander Joe DeFloria, U.S. Navy (Ret.), Charles H "Chuck" Karayan, Commander Bill Salisbury, U.S. Navy (Ret.), RADM Steven G. Smith, Bob Stoner, James S. Thomas,  Dan Withers of warboats.org and ptfnasty.com, and Jim Gray GMCM (CC) Ret.   Please forgive any omissions.  The future of this history collection will depend upon others who were there to share their memories.


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