(View from the OICís chair)

The view from the OICís seat toward the stern, down the starboard side of the MSSC, with a good look at the M-60 and .50 caliber. In the background, an LDNN is searching a junk.

Another view from the OICís seat, toward the stern. Thatís the minigun in the background.  At the right is LT Joe Quincannon, OIC of Juliet Platoon. He's not dressed for an operation, and the other SEALs on board are from Victor Platoon, so maybe we are taking Mr. Q to Binh Thuy for his trip home?

A ďcool extraction,Ē with LDNN-advisor Lenny Horst and another SEAL on the bow of the MSSC. Again, the picture is shot from the MST OICís seat.

Jim Phoebus of MST-2 Det Golf gets involved in a junk search.

In calmer moments, Tom Collinson, Bob Buckman, and Don Roswurm enjoying the rays, cruising on the river.

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