Bill Redmond




Date:   May 18, 2013 

To:       All Vietnam veterans who were awarded The Bronze Star Medal, in country

From:   James Born MSG, USA, Ret., former BM3, USN, BSU-1. MST-2 Det. Alpha 1967


Subj:    Publication of my forth book, to be entitled: The Bronze Star Medal, Vietnam War

1.      If you have been awarded The Bronze Star Medal (with or without the Combat V) and you would like to have it posted in my new book, to be archived as a public historical event, please e-mail me the following in jpeg format;           

a.      A clean, undamaged and readable copy of your award certificate.

b.      A clean, undamaged and readable copy of the accompanying Citation.

c.       OPTIONAL; a clear photograph of yourself taken in country (not in a group setting, but as an individual image of yourself).(all images will be converted to black and white before their submission to authorhouse Publishing) 

2.      Any obvious tampering or signs of fraud, fakery or malicious intent, will be grounds for the refusal of the material. This publication is to be a true accounting of the sacrifices, valor and meritorious service of those who were recipients of this Medal. Its purpose is to provide the reader with real stories that are a matter of military, historical record, of individual events that occurred during the Vietnam War. The real thing, not the Hollywood versions. I have found over the years that young people contemplating going into the service, are lacking in knowledge of what to expect or how to act under stressful environments. In addition, they seek role models and an understanding of expected behavior in a combat theatre. This will be a book of honor that will last the generations. Future books will include other medal recipients and unit citations. 

3.       ATTENTION: Any materials that you send to this author, for inclusion into this book, shall be implied by the author that your full permission has been given, with the understanding that there will be no royalties or any other monetary rewards or consideration whatsoever. That the author has your free and unconditional permission to publish your picture and award papers. Said images shall be the sole property of the author with all rights relinquished by the sender. It is the intent and purpose of the author to proudly display your picture and a copy of your award for your service to this great country.  Please feel free to e-mail the author if you have any questions. Thank you for your service. 

James Born