Coastal River Division - 11


Coastal River Division - 11

1971-1978 - Coastal River Squadrons

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Coastal River Division  - 11

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Coastal River Division 11 was located at Mare Island, CA. This unit was the originally called NIOTS the Riverine Training school for the Vietnam war. in 1972 it was designated a NRF Unit to train Reserves in Coastal/Riverine Warfare. The Unit had PBRs, ASPB, ATC CCB-18 and would receive Min ATCs. They also had a small Coastal Det. with PCFs. Many Active sailors were Ex River Rats. and a large portion of Reserves were ex-active duty Brown Water sailors at this time period.. In 1978 it became Special Boat Unit 11.

  From: "Jerry Popovice" replica of a patch that was also available

Painting by Jim Gray for a River Rat buddy of a MKII PBR in the sloughs. PBR MKII's and a MKI. the old watch tower is in the background.      

PBRMKII with experimental Radio Direction Finder.

06-27-07 Douglas Cates -  I was the very first person to be assigned to CRD-22 in New Orleans. It was about 3 or 4 weeks before any other activity duty persons showed up. Then a month or more before we got any reserve persons. So I am the # 1 plank owner. I stayed there for a bit over 2 years then went to CRD 11 at Mare Island by direct orders from Adm Zumwalt. I stayed there for over 2 years and changed Rates from EN 1 to MA1 and left for school back east.

01-02-07 - Jerry Popovice    When I first got to CRD-11 in 1972 - along with about 25 MK II PBRs and two MK Is - we had two ASBPs (don't recall the numbers), as well as CCB-18, along with 2 older LCM version of the ATC. Additionally we had two PCFs - a MK 1 and a MK 2 (828).  Read more here

Qual Sheet ASPB Qual Sheet CCB Qual Sheet PCF Qual Sheet PBR Qual Sheet ATC

River Rats of CRD-11 July 78 typical drill weekend Heading for the Saisun Sloughs Aug. 78 On Canopy L-R Unknown- EN2 Codden, Scott Evans, GM3 Taramasso, His Brother Lt. Taramasso. EN3 Watson, QM3 Walsh. In shadows unknown GMG Taramasso, EN3 Watson, PN2 Scott Evans/later changed rate to HT

Scott Evans looking for aggressors.
Op A.O. Saisun Sloughs. Note PBRs in the background. EN3 Bill Watson Rats watching Martin Sheen getting his make-up on 1977. July1977 Movie Star Martin Sheen making Movie Apocalypse Now. Parts of film shot on Napa River. Base Camp  Saison Slough

Coastal River Division Unit Tapes that went over Shirt Pocket

Aug77 High and Dry in Puget Sound Washington QM1 Ken McAllister, PO3 Bill Doss,  Tim Taramasso   The 335 in South Slough on other pocket Name Tape also in Blue letters gold...
 I have a limited number of the CRD-11 Tapes send  Jim Gray self addressed stamped envelope
 and a note when you were in unit and I'll send you one.

(added 09-27-2013)   LCDR Daryl Taramasso, brother of Tim Taramasso same unit.

CRD-11 Mooning ritual. River Rats of CRD-11 watch actor Martin Sheen get his make up on for movie A.N. Ah.... C-Rats , breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The infamous PBR with outboard motors in the Movie.

and where did you spend the night on your Reserve weekend.

Nesting in the Slough... Note Patches and name tapes on CRD-11 uniforms. CRD-11 PBR MKIIs. PBRS up by Sacramento Delta.

Driving PBR note Patches of CRD-11.

OPFOR on the range.

In 1974 CRD-11 developed a recognition system for Qualified 9533 NEC Boatguys in the form of color coded embroidered SMALL CRAFT Badge. They were worn over right breast pocket on their utility greens. Only one patch is worn at a time. A Blue CC Patch would be replaced by the Red Boat Captain Patch then finally the White Patrol Officer's Patch. It was highly motivating and transited to Special Boat Unit XI when CRD-11 changed its name. The Qualification Patches were phased out when SBUXI started wear Camouflage Uniforms.

Qualified Crewman Qualified Boat Captain Qualified Patrol Officer

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