Coastal River Division - 12


Coastal River Division - 12

1971-1978 - Coastal River Squadrons

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Coastal River Division  - 12


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Coastal River Divison 12, located Coronado NAB was designated a NRF unit to train reserve in Coastal Riverine Warfare, while many of the reserves were ex brown water sailors at this time. The unit had PTFs, PCF, MSSCs and LCPLs. PBMKIIIs would arrive in 1976. and they would receive one Mini ATC.

Training was in both Coastal and Riverine training and some Training was completed at CRD11 at Mare is. Local Simulated Ship attacks were conducted during Fleet exercises called KOMAR-exs.

To Maximize Boats and personnel CRS-1 directed CRD12 and 13 to Intermingle sharing assets and both wore CRS-1 Patches at Coronado. In 1978 this unit would become Special Boat Unit 13.

Jim Mitchell, Capt, USNR-TAR, Retired - I was assigned to Coastal River Squadron ONE,  RIVDIVs 12 & 13 from Oct 1972 to May 1977.  One of our assignments on PTF-21 was Harpoon Missile Guidance System target . . .  more here

Camp Kerry, Niland California 

CRS-1 conducted Mobile Support Team (MST) pre-deployment training using the Seal Team training facility at Camp Kerry, outside of Niland, California.  The camp was located just inside the Chocolate Mountain Gunnery Range. . .  More here

Photos from Jim Gray
One of the CRD-12 MSSCS at Coronado NAB CRS-1 GMG2 Jim Gray on PTF-24 One of the CRD-12 MATC at Coronado. Note the watch tower in the background. CRD-12 does MST riverine detachment training on the Alamo River near Salton Sea, CA. (Photo: Beck) CRS-MSSC MST-2 loaded on a ship from Korea. (Photo: Beck)

RivDiv 12 (SBU-13 in the later years) would train at CRD-11 for riverine training.  PTF tied up at Wilson Cove, San Clemente Is. M-16 gunshoot off of the boat San Clemente Is. with all exercises done there's always time to go fishing. GMG2 Jim Gray on PTF-24

NSW Boat Insignia

Osprey PTF on step


PTF-26 MSSC handling in seastate.

UDT casting from PTF UDT jumps off underway PTF MSSC with UDT Combat Swimmers - CRS-1 Early CRS-1 Organization Chart

CRD-12 Chain of Command

Gene Kohler - I was OIC of PTF 24 for some of the time I was attached to coastal river squadron one from 1975-1978. I was also OIC of PTF 26 in 1978 just before I separated to go to Dental school. During the timeframe 1975-78, Lt William Snyder was OIC of PTF 26 for most of that time. Read More Here. (This is a link to
Neil McDonald - I was in CRS-1 (later SBU-13) from 1975-1981.  Was a crew member on PTF-26 (Osprey) and PB-757 (Mk III Sea Spectre).  Saw the story section - I knew Mike Klapka. There were some pretty colorful characters in that unit ex-Seals, ex-PBR sailors - we even had a Master Chief who had been at Tulagi with JFK!  Read More Here.  (This is a link to
"DOC" Greenough  - I hope these photos of PTF-24 brings back memories of diesel smoke, salt spray and burnt gunpowder and the sounds of hundreds of rounds of brass clanking and rolling around the deck. The anticipation of firing the the 50cal. 20mms and 40mm, once we reached Pyramid Head was palpable.  Read More Here

(02-03-08) Bob Kennedy, EM2  We had gone goat hunting on San Clemente Island after removing all the commercial fishing boats from around the island. It was a beautiful day and the destroyers were using the other side of the island for target practice and every once in a while they would miss the island and shoot over to where we were anchored.  More here

The Crew of PTF-26, April 1975

The crew of the PTF 26 in April of 1975 Left to right. Patrias EM2, Hall GM3, Ron Roades EN2, Rhoten BM2, Larkin SA, Kennedy EM3, Maag FN, Baughman EN3 and in the back standing up is Chief Davis BMC. Two people not named were the guy with a blue hat on the left and one guy in front of the chief. We did have an ET on board by the name of Jack Cooke and an Engineman by the name of Johnson that were not in the photo.

Part of our duties in 1975 included recruiting at coastal marinas on the coast of California from Coronado up to Los Angeles. This photo was taken at Dana Point California in their marina, full of yachts and sail boats. It was week-end duty and we had open house for civilians to tour the boat. At the end of the dock was the Marina Bar where everyone spent most of their time.

Snyder's Dirt Bags. Photo taken off of the coast of Coronado on a calm but foggy day in 1977. And by the way, I still have the flag flown that day. EM2 Bob Kennedy and Dwight Kuhn EN2. 
PTF-26 Coming at you straight on

Jim Grays PTF Recollections
GMG2 Jim Gray on his favorite boat PTF-24 note its personal insignia and polished wood deck in conn, allot of pride went into that boat by the crews PTF-24 OIC Lt. Skip Kohler interrupted in his reading his "technical Pub" Lt Brian Herring our Reserve OIC of PTF-24
The DECCA radar in radio room in PTF-24 another Decca radar repeater on Conn of boat.

Underway on the 24 boat PTF-24  tied up Wilson Cove San Clemente Island ENC Bermender and GMG1 "Big Ski" The CRS-1 Osprey Twins PTF 24 and 26 ENC Bermender on Radar

Added 06-10-09

"The Skip" NEVER smiles! Funny, he later became a dentist and retired a Captain I was known for my Paintings of the Boats at CRS-1 This one went to Bob Kennedy in 1977 which he still has.  

50cal Gunshoot at SCI on PTF-26



 (02-17-09) Sheldon Campbell, EM1(11/70-2/81)   I was at CRS-1 from 74-78 (sorry, I don't remember the exact month I arrived, but left right around Christmas of '78). During that time, I served aboard PTF-26, and ran MSSC's, then went to ASDV-1 as chief engineer, under BM-1 Marvin Ballard. I relieved Marv as Craftmaster, and was later relieved by QMC Jerry VanAntwerp, when I transferred to PB-751. I went to Subic with MST-3 Det (Foxtrot, I think, but I'm not sure), with Lt. Dave Thompson and HTC Joe Sampley.   Read More Here

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