Sheldon Campbell, EM1(11/70-2/81)


I was at CRS-1 from 74-78 (sorry, I don't remember the exact month I arrived, but left right around Christmas of '78). During that time, I served aboard PTF-26, and ran MSSC's, then went to ASDV-1 as chief engineer, under BM-1 Marvin Ballard. I relieved Marv as Craftmaster, and was later relieved by QMC Jerry VanAntwerp, when I transferred to PB-751. I went to Subic with MST-3 Det (Foxtrot, I think, but I'm not sure), with Lt. Dave Thompson and HTC Joe Sampley. Some others on

that Det. were ETR3 Emmet VanDeusen, EN1 Jimmy Davidson, EN3 Casey Heath, EN2 Tony Pakula, RM1 Rudy Rudicill and a few others, whose names I don't recall. I have a photo of us, on our Swift, with one of the PN PB's abreast of us, alongside our barge.

Glad I stumble across your site. I hope to renew some old friendships there. 

Regards,   Sheldon

Jim, Thanks for the welcome! I rode the 24 boat a few times. I remember Skip Kholer. Herring, Danforth and Crow don't ring a bell, though. Rudy was GMG1 when I last saw him, but that was many years ago. He passed his Chief's test, but the rate was kind of tight, so I doubt he made it the first time. I remember Ski...he was a wildman, but a damned good shipmate. 

With the exception of my MST3 Det., I spent all my time in RD12, until my last few weeks before transferring out, and went to the boat shop. I got qualified as both engineer and coxswain on LCPLs and MSSCs, ran the Swift, but didn't get the chance to qual. on her, 'til we got to the P.I.  Qualified as Craftmaster on the ASDV and OIC on PBs. Just crewed on the PTFs. 

After the 26 boat, I moved to the ASDV-1, working under BM1 Marvin Ballard. I completed my quals. as Craftmaster, but couldn't get the badge because I was an Electrician's Mate. When Marv took seriously ill and transferred out, Capt. Joy told me I would be acting craftmaster, but if I screwed up, I'd better start swimming west. Did a lot of training ops with Team 1 and UDT12, most of them, jamming our CONEX/freezer with bugs from San Nicholas Island. Nearly a year went by, before QMC Jerry Van Antwerp came in, and relieved me as craftmaster. We used to load his ski-boat up on the "flight deck", and take it out to the islands with us. I stayed on as chief engineer for a few months, 'til MST3, and after I got back, they moved me onto PB-751. Ens. Preston Easley was our D.O. at the time, and he let me run the 751 as OIC, 'til I got short.  

There are a lot of names I remember, that don't show up on either the Members' list or the Missing list. One of these days, I'll jot 'em all down, and send them to Jim, so he can add them.  

Casey Heath, who was in the boat shop, went on MST3 Det. with us, and I'm still in contact with him...just talked to him on Monday, in fact. I'll drop him a line and tell him to stop by. The rest of our Det., I've lost contact with. I used to be in touch with EN1 Jimmy Davidson, but lost him when we moved a few years back. Joe Sampley was our HTC on the det., and I wish I could find him. We were pretty tight. Lt. Dave Thompson was our OIC. He had been a Chief Musician with the Navy Band before coming to CRS1. Go figure! Aside from them, there was EN2 Tony Pakula, ETR2 Emmet Van Deusen, Rudy Rudicill, FN Mark SOMETHING, FN "Zee", and a QM2 whose name I can't recall. I made 1st while on the det., and came back to take over PB-751.  

From CRS-1, I got orders to ADAK (must have REALLY pissed off my detailer, huh?), but after having already checked out for transport, they changed my orders to ComOceanSysLant in Norfolk. I went LDO there, and ended up as Public Works Officer for a brand new NavFac at Dam Neck, under Capt. Paul Hryskanich. After a couple of years there, I got out, and became a cop in Virginia Beach, VA.  

Sorry, Jim...I have no more photos. The only reason I had the MST3 photo was because I had a hard copy of it, and I scanned it in. We were too busy drinking and chasing women, to worry about taking very many pictures. 

I'll put together a couple of sea stories and send them to you. If they're usable, more power to you! Like how MST3 jumped ship in Okinawa, on our way to the P.I.  

Again, thanks for the welcome, Jim. I hope we get to meet at a reunion. I'll keep an eye peeled for the where/when. 

Best regards, 

Sheldon Campbell