Coastal River Division - 13


Coastal River Division - 13

1971-1978 - Coastal River Squadrons

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Coastal River Division  - 13

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Coastal Division 13, Located Coronado NAB was an all active duty unit. Many ex brown water sailors. This unit was the deployable assets, they had PTFs, PCF, MSSCs, PLs as well as Coastal PGs and two Hydrofoils, the Flagstaff and Tucumcari. Craft and personnel were deployed on Amph Ship deployments with UDT, and MST-3. These were usually a six months overseas deployment. In Conus they conducted Komar-exs for fleet and Primary mission SEAL/UDT support ops.

At direction of CRS-1 Craft assets and personnel were shared with CRD-12 both units wore CRS-1 patches. In 1978 CRD-13 would become Special Boat Unit 12 both units would no longer be co-mingled.

06-2006 - Historical Notes from Jim Mitchell, Capt, USNR-TAR, Retired -

 I was assigned to Coastal River Squadron ONE,  RIVDIVs 12 & 13 from Oct 1972 to May 1977.  I served as:  OIC, MST-2; AOIC, PTF-21; OIC, MST-3; and OIC, PTF-20. 

One of our assignments on PTF-21 was Harpoon Missile Guidance System target platform, where a Harpoon radar system. . . More Click Here

PTF-24 just starting to pick up speed. Coming along side a Trumpy PTF in Neutral PTFs conducting towing exercise

Bow view of a Osprey PTF, note set up of towing bridal

the Bow of an Osprey and a Trumpy PTF on Step making a run down the Calif. coastline

CRD-13 took the PTFs on a recruiting run all the way up to Washington State and back. Here PTF-24 goes under the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco   From GMCM (CC) SKI (Big Ski)
The names of the crew as I remember them (remember that picture was taken over 30 years ago.) Top left to right EM1 ?, EN1 Heitzenrighter, the next two I don't remember their names next was LT. Bennet, BM1 Gayloard, Me (SKI) Bottom Row Left to Right ET1 Bancroft, the next three I don't remember the last one I think was EN3 Packmyer
  40mm  on PTF


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