Coastal River Division - 21


Coastal River Division - 21

1971-1978 - Coastal River Squadrons

Coastal River Squadron -1


Coastal River Squadron - 2

Coastal River Division  - 11

Coastal River Division  - 12


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Coastal River Division - 21

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Coastal River Division - 24


Coastal River Division TWENTY ONE: an Informal History by Robert H. Stoner, GMCM (SW) (Ret.)     In the July - August 1972 time frame, Naval Reservists in the Midwest Were told about the formation of two new units: Coastal River Division TWENTY ONE at Great Lakes, IL and Coastal River Division 22 at New Orleans, LA. These units were initially scheduled to operate fast patrol boats (PTF).    More Here

COASTAL RIVER DIVISION TWENTY ONE -  Commissioning Program, 16 June 1973,  Building 13 Naval Base, Great Lakes, Illinois,   re-created here.

[06-06-07] James Turner  I was in CRD21 (Coastal River Division 21) and served aboard PTF19 during her last year at NTC Naval Training Center) Great lakes, Ill (Waukeegan, III) and during the transit to NAB (Naval Amphibious Base) Little Creek, Va to CosRivRon 2 (Coastal River Squadron 2, our parent command).  More Here

My name is Robert E. Lee, CDR, USN (retired).   I was pretty surprised to see my name among all those guys who manned and supported CRD-21 at Great Lakes. I was stationed at Service Schools Command working for LCDR Jim Roper when he got the call , offering him the job of establishing the division.   More Here

12/22/00 - John W.Bush   I had the privilege of becoming a Plank Owner when CosRivDiv 21 was commissioned at Great Lakes (NTC, Illinois) comprising PTF's 17, 18, and 19, one of a relatively few Reservists to have had that opportunity. I served aboard her from '72-'75 as a member of the Reserve crews that augmented the Regular Navy crew. More Here (This is a link to

Phil Michaud here. I am a former PTF rider with  CRD-21. E-mail me your phone  number. I have lots of stories to share. My  hands don't work like they used to ! More Here (This is a link to

03/04/03 - Tim Sammons   Onboard PTF-17 in the "Lake Michigan Theatre of Operations", circa 1974. Just received new 40 mm BOFORS from NAD Crane IN, still in Haze Gray paint. Gun was new, unfired when we received it. GMG1 Bob Moore (SEAL) Loader, EM1 Mac McKinney in foreground. Note flag tied off to prevent Loader from getting whipped to death. Firing 40 mm AA rounds designed to detonate at 4000 yards as "flak curtain", a good training round since it did not go beyond that range (usually). More Here (This is a link to

03/23/00 Bill Smallshaw - PTF Enthsiast  These shot were all taken on July 3, 1973. Both PTF-17 and PTF19 where on review. We were able to board both boats, with an interior tour of one of the boats, I think it was PTF-19.   More Here (This is a link to

07/04/00 Bill Van Ooyen    I was a reservist drilling at Great Lakes when I heard that COSRIVDIV 21 would be formed at Bldg. 13, Naval Base, Great Lakes, Il. After an interview with the prospective Commander of CRD 21 I was assigned to the Division on 8 Sept. 72 as Assistant Maintenance Officer. We acquired the necessary equipment to set up maintenance & repair shops in Bldg. 13. PTF 17, 18 and 19 arrived first and latter 3 PG's were assigned. We were commissioned on 16 June 73 with 47 active duty personnel and 105 selected Naval Reservists. Our mission was to maintain craft to support coastal surveillance operations; develop small boat tactics; train personnel in . . . More Here (This is a link to

12/29/2011  Tim Johnson add his new website of PTF-17 History, PTF firepower and other CRD-21 history.  Visit Here

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