Coastal River Division - 22


Coastal River Division - 22

1971-1978 - Coastal River Squadrons

Coastal River Squadron -1


Coastal River Squadron - 2

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Coastal River Division - 22

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Operational Command of CRD-22 was located at New Orleans La. It was a NRF unit tasked with training Selected Reserves in Coastal/Riverine warfare. In its first years it would have PTFs, PCFs, PBRs, and MATCs (go to quick links to boats lift PTF, PCF, PBR and MATC) and insert on Unit Page

  CRD-22 change of Command Brochure from John Foster Naval Historical Center provided document-CRD-22 Activities 1976-77

Attention CRD-22 and SBU-22 Shipmates!

We of the team at SBT 22 at the Stennis Space Center have recently decided to create a small heritage/museum type area in and around the Quarterdeck at the team. I am inviting all former members of our team to donate photos, patches, coins, official documents or any other noteworthy items to this cause. I am confident that someday our legacy will be rightfully represented in some official museum. Until that day comes, we at SBT-22 are moving forward with our goal of displaying our proud heritage. Thanks for the consideration.

 Send all items to:
 Special Boat Team TWENTY-TWO
 2603 Lower Gainesville Rd
 Stennis MS 39532

Very Respectfully,
Doug Brown CMCCM

(02-03-08) James Truehart, GMGC - USNR-Retired   We Had 2 PTFs in early days of CRD-22 and Yes, I LOVED THE PTF'S. BIG, FAST AND DIFFERENT. Really loved the big water discharge at IDLE out of the stern. Worked my butt off getting the 40mm deck gun ready to fire, then the Navy sent PTFs to Little Creek Va. Bummer!  More Here

01-03-02 John Selph  Although my tour in Viet Nam lasted a year (1967 - 68) I was assigned to the USS Annapolis, AGMR-1, during that time. I was, however, assigned to the PTF 5 boat during my Reserve time when she was part of Coastal River Division 22 in New Orleans. I carried a dual rate during my time in CRD-22, that of a RM/EN 2, and I have in my possession my USN issued copy of the PTF5 boat book. It appears to be very similar to the 9-16 Manual that you have on the site.  More Here (This is a link to

06-27-07 Douglas Cates -  I was the very first person to be assigned to CRD-22 in New Orleans. It was about 3 or 4 weeks before any other activity duty persons showed up. Then a month or more before we got any reserve persons. So I am the # 1 plank owner. I stayed there for a bit over 2 years then went to CRD 11 at Mare Island by direct orders from Adm Zumwalt. I stayed there for over 2 years and changed Rates from EN 1 to MA1 and left for school back east. More Here

09-23-06 Kerry Ruth    I found these three photos at my Mom's today.  The photo with all the PBR's was taken between 1973-1975 on the Pearl River, Mississippi during a drill weekend.  The next two photo's are (I Assume) of a MATC and PBR locking out of the Industrial canal in New Orleans.  Most likely transiting to a reserve drill weekend somewhere in Southern Lousiana.  Many weekend drills were held in the cleaner waters of the Pearl River area of Mississippi and Louisiana.  For the life of me I cannot find any PTF photos, nor do I remember any that may have been out of the water up on the pier at COSRIVDIV-22.  The reason I say that is because I would have went ape shit over a PTF if given the chance to board her or take pictures of one or more.  I seem to believe I have more photos stuffed away somewhere else that shows what Bob is talking about below.  I will have to try to find them.  According to my memory there were half a dozen PCF's, maybe 4 MSSC's, or MATC's, numerous PBR's and a couple Boston Whalers used to play around in.  I do not remember any LSSC's at the RIVDIV. (Photos below by Herb Ruth)


MKI PCF and MATC in New Orleans locks 1975

MKI PCF and PBR MKII in New Orleans locks 1975


09-23-06  John C. McGuckin   (regarding the Ruth photos above) The ATC and PCF are pre 1975 as all of the PCFs went away when we shifted from CRD-22 to SBU 22 in 1975.  We had to lock through to get to the Pearl River.  There are no PBRs in the photo because I took my boats out on Friday nights and had more operating time.  The PCF is with the ATC because the minis  always broke down and had to be towed.

The PBR shots are my boat division in the late 70s (green Shamrocks ) on the Pearl River. Herb Ruth was taken in the summer of 1975 in Apalachicola Florida.  The entire division shot was early 1975 on the Pearl River. (Photos below from John McGuckin)

Zippo lighters bearing the unit insignia

LT (SEAL)Herb Ruth Ops/ Training Officer CRD 22 AUG 73/April76


COSRIVDIV-22 UNDERWAY note Coastal and River Divs

One of Lt John McGulkins  PBRMKIIs  of his "Green Shamrocks" Div.  note shamrock insignia on coxswains flat

PBRMKII on step Pearl River

08-18-08  TOM WILLIAMS CWO4 ret. CRD-22

When I reported to CRD-22 I ran into every River Rat and SEAL I thought I knew in Vietnam plus some. Anyway, we were in receipt of 3 Nasty Class PTFs 3-5-9 in addition to Mini- Armored Troop Carriers (MATCs), Swift Boats and PBRs.   More Here

Original CRD-22 boatguys   l>r standing: Lt Ted Marx, LTJG John B Barrett Jr. EN1 Douglas Cates, EN1 Massey, ETR1 James Clayton Phoebus, GMG2 Charles Burton, EN1 Mel Chastain, GMG2 James S. Simmons, middle row: EN2 Darnell Fall, LTJG Erwin L (Butch) McClendon,GMG2 Daniel George Brewer, QMC Wayne J. Meadows, EN1 Charles Fury, Kneeling: EM1 Lorenzo Louigi Musto, QM1 Charles Leslie Gould, GMG2 Michael John Tooley, SK1 Larry Wilson EN1 Charles E. Smith. The first two years at CRD-22 we wore dungarees and underway we put on our Black Berets.

PCF and Crew - QM1 Wayne J Meadows, GMG2 Michael J. Tooley
Staff Aide RADM Charbonnet and eighth Naval District Staff accepting PCF18's arrival at NOLA

Registered Mile run betweeen Gulfport MS. and Mobile AL. 57.54 KNOTS!!! Used RDF, pitsword and triangle-Radar sweep from other craft. IRC 1974 during 'Show the Flag Cruise.'


Show the flag Cruise, Three days at Fort Jackson on the

The new MATC first riverboat made after the Vietnam war CRD-22 new MATC on step The American Flag from PTF. Mississippi for the Orange Festival. PTF5, 2 PCFs, 1 MATC, and 2 PBRs were involved. PTF CON

Show the Flag Cruise, Playgirl Ah The 70s!
MM1 (SEAL) John A. Lynch, GMG1 Tom Williams, GMG2  Dan Brewer and Guests at Toms hooch for a Cookout In the Zumwalt Uniform of the period GMG2 Daniel George Brewer USN Ret, (deceased) RIVDIV 515 RVN and CRD-22 CRD-22 PCFs tied to pier.
Swift 814



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