Coastal River Division - MST-3


Coastal River Division - MST-3

MST-3 Mobile Support Team THREE was the forward deployed detachments of Coastal River Squadron ONE Located in Subic Bay Philippines. Craft were PTFs, MSSC, PLs, PBs after 1976 These deployments for active duty were six months long. its Mission to be the forward deployed Boat assets to support SEAL/UDT. It answered to NSWU-1 in Subic Bay P.I.

06-2006 - Historical Notes from Jim Mitchell, Capt, USNR-TAR, Retired -

After it's pull out from Vietnam in 1971, CRS-1 (then BSU-1) maintained two forward deployed detachments, Mobile Support Team TWO (MST-2) and Mobile Support Team THREE (MST-3). . . .More Click Here. 


(07-18-2006) The Philippine Navy (PN)  and Boat Support Unit (BSU) MiniATC Training - by Jim Mitchell, Capt, USNR-TAR, Retired - 

As part of a joint US/Philippine exercise, Mobile Support Team (MST) 2 conducted seal support/small boat tactics training for the PN's BSU in the Subic Bay OPAREA during January, 1974.  MST-2 boat assets included a

Medium Seal Support Craft (MSSC), a MK IV LCPL and a Boston Whaler.  The PN BSU utilized two newly acquired (from US Foreign Military Sales) MiniATCs.  Units supported during the joint US/Philippine exercise/training included:  More Here.


(09-18-2006) MST-3 in WESTPAC, 1975    by Jim Mitchell, OIC MST-2, Oct 1973 May 1974 and OIC MST-3, Mar 1975 Nov 1975

On 12 May 1975, SS Mayaguez, a US flag merchant ship, was stopped in international waters by Cambodian gunboats, boarded, and forced into a port on a Cambodian island.  The rest is history, you can find it online, but there are a few things that didn't make the history books.  More Here.

From the Jim Gray Collection:

The sign of MST-# in Subic Bay, PI 1975. PTF-24 at Subic Bay. Osprey PTF24 in Subic Bay PTFs in Subic for overhaul and refit. PTF in Subic refit

A Pair of PTFs in Subic after refit back in water PTF5 after refit back in water another PTF behind it MST-3 MSSC, "note special sailor salute" Photo credit Tom Beck USS GREYBACK specops sub from Subic Bay a familiar sight for MST-3 SEALs arrive on pier for OP note boatguy waiting for them to get on boat.

A UDT Officer hold comm checks with boat and his Frogmen.        

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