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Coastal River Squadrons

1971-1978 - Coastal River Squadrons

Coastal River Squadron -2

The Squadron was first commissioned as Coastal River Squadron TWO on 10 July 1971 with headquarters at the U.S. Naval Amphibious Base, Little Creek, Norfolk, Virginia. This command is a component of Naval Warfare Group TWO as part of the Special Operations Command.CRS-2 received part of the PTFs and continued training on the East Coast. They operated as Coastal River Divisions 20, 21, 22 and 24.

10-09-02 -  Russel Weeks - I was with RivDiv 554 in Rach Soi and Song On Doc in 1970. Went to Cos Riv Ron in 72. Went to Morgan City LA and brought the Mk II's back and put the operational and technical evaluation on them.   More Here

03/31/01-Joe Lombardi  I served aboard PTF-23 at COSRIVRON 2 in 1974-5 at Little Creek. I have a single picture of her pier side painted in a camouflage scheme that we crudely made; we even painted eyes on either sides of the bow. More Here. (This is a link to

03-21-02 - Lester Durst   I had first seen PTFs at the Great Lakes Naval Training Center in the fall of 1972. I was in boot camp there and my company had been given a day of liberty near the end of our then 7 weeks of recruit training. Myself and a buddy went to the main base and for some reason wandered down to the piers. That's when I first saw them. Green boats. I asked the watch what they were and was told PTFs. Being a young squid I never thought of asking if we could come aboard, heck I wasn't in the real navy yet just a boot camper. Those boats, I thought, that's what this sailor wanted to serve on. More Here. (This is a link to

05-08-01 Don Murray   I found your page about pt boats and had to look at it. I was surprised to find ptf 19 with pictures. I was stationed on 19 in Little Creek, VA about the time frame of Oct 70 - Nov 72. I was a second class enginemen and helped to put the 19 boat into service, at Little Creek. Thanks for the memories.

02/12/01- George R. Spadie   I originally was on PTF-12 for about 2 years. Unfortunately, we wrecked it at Operation Solid Shield in Morehead City. We were then given PTF-17 for a short period before it was decided to get rid of all of them. We stripped them somewhat and took them out of the water. They were in a field at Little Creek the last time I saw them in 1977. It is very distressing to me if it is true that they plan to destroy them! I have always wished that I owned one, even though it would be on land since it would be way to costly to actually run it. More Here. (This is a link to

04-10-02 - John Watkins    A little history without firm dates,  I entered the USN in 1963, served on a Destroyer (DD805) then I went to "A" school then to Gitmo then to NavSta Aregentia, Newfoundland then to APA31 then my Four years were up.  I stayed in the Norfolk, VA area working for the Dept of Navy and choose the Active Reserves.  As a EM1 I was part of the Res. Crew on the Willard B. Kieth around 1970 and I heard they were going to form a reserve compliment for PT Boats.  I grew up hearing stories of PT's in WWII and, of course, I wanted in on this new Unit.  More Here. (This is a link to

(05-26-09) Sonny Pruitt EN2  I was assigned to Combat Craft Division and worked mostly PBRs.I was the engineer of the first and only PBR with twin turbo charged engines. Navsea developed one and I had the prototype, it never really panned out. I made one deployment with SEAL Team as an engineer on an LCPL. It was a non floating TAD actually. I went to Rosey Roads PR with SEAL Team Charlie Det for six months. It was pretty much a drunken stupor for six months. After returning to Cos Riv Ron I was assigned as an engineer on one of the new MkIII 65ft PB's.
This photo was taken during the early days of CosRivDiv-22 in New Orleans, LA. Several of us had just returned from Vietnam to establish this command. The PCF-814 (Swift Boat) in the picture was one of three that we had. The OIC was LTJG Butch McClendon. The two ATC's (Armored Troop Carriers) had just been received from the manufacturer in Morgan City, LA . Their Boat Captains were EN2 Max Dollar and EN2 Phil Olson. PBR-294 was mine, then EN2 Sonny Pruitt and PBR 293 belonged to GMG2 Ricky Vice.

Later during my tour there the command received three Nasty Class, along with two Osprey Class PTF's. These were propelled by two Napier Deltic T18-37K opposed piston engines with three crankshafts arranged in a triangle configuration. Quiet an engineering marvel. Super high maintenance. But they were extremely fast. The last time I saw them, they were in the bone yard in Little Creek, VA over by the old SIMA building after having been transferred to COSRIVRON 2 there at Little Creek, which was my second tour of duty after returning from Vietnam.

My travels were as follows: Nha Be 1971-1972, Danang 1972-1973, CosRivDiv-22 Mar 1973-Mar 1975, CosRivRon-2 Apr 1975- Feb 1977 and Retired 2001, CWO4




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