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Rick Doughman


I have a ton of Pictures from SBU13 I know you will recognize....I knew I remembered you...you and Jeff Maddox Pictures of just about the entire SBU 13 Admin Guys....I also have some great Pictures from being part of MST3 Det Juliette as a SOC (Special Operations Crew Member) and some ship attack shots of seal team doing their thing and we had a Photographers mate with us who was filming it....Me and James Ellinwood....I saw the Picture you have of Wild Bill there and I have some other pictures I have attached and a Ton of Stuff in storage...I also have the Plaques we were given the Ceramic ones of the
unit...SBU12 and 13 and I think CRS 1 I Will have to check ...is there any Pics your looking for I do not see any of the ASDV's? I have pictures of the Barge In Subic and I think I have Some Foul Eagle (Korea) and Specwarex (PI) info....
Thanks for making Contact I keep in touch with a lot of the guys in SBU 12 and have lost contact with alot of the SBU13 guys...
Let me Know
Thanks Dude
Rick Doughman

Mount Mayon Jimmy 1982 Ship Attack ASDV11985 NAB Coronado SPECBOAT SQUAD1 Sign SBU-12 GROUP PHOTO

LCDR Measel and Relief EN1Wiley EN2, Jay Duenas RORY TOWNE SBU12 Bob

ET1 Beron GMG1,Jeff Maddox EN3, Tommy Cappel Spindler and Wilson Det J, Scott Wilson

Todd Palmer SBU12 Det J, Lagaspi City LT ENFN Dwight Hill EM3 Zepeda  

Harold Cleveland HT1 Lee Galibut HT3 Doughman Jeff & Lea John Lockhart

Added 07-27-09        
Jimmy driving PL in Subic SEAL on Bow of PL On PL cameraman and SEAL Corpman observe SEALs in water. SEALs in water by ship, note caving ladder SEALs in water

PB MKIII and native P.I Boats

Children visit PB Swimcall in P.I. Anchored PBs in Southern P.I. Boatguy Bar B Que

added 12-11-2010

Rick Doughman Trained with SBUXI before deployment NSWU-1 sign in Subic Bay P.I Deployment was tough ask these PL guys Check out that awsome swimstep on PB MkIII

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