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Mobile Support Team Two
Supporting U.S. Navy SEALs and South Vietnamese Navy SEALs from the Rung Sat Secret Zone to the tip of the Mekong Delta.
March 1967 - December 1971

LTJG Bremer, from September 1970 to March 1971, I had the privilege of being the OIC of Boat Support Unit One’s Mobile Support Team Two, Detachment Golf. We provided boat support to U.S. Navy SEALs and South Vietnamese Navy SEALs (LDNNs) operating in and around Dung Island from the Long Phu Intermediate Base near where the Bassac River meets the South China Sea in the Mekong Delta of Vietnam.
When I originally set up the MST-2 website* my idea was to memorialize my own detachment, as I have proceeded, I learned that I needed and wanted to tell a more complete story of MST-2 and the SEALs they served with in Vietnam from 1967-1971. This section attempts to tell that story. . . .

 *Bill Bremers website www.mst2-vietnam.info has been integrated into this section.

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Mobile Support Team - 2


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SEAL J. DeFloria on MST-2

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 Strawbridge at Ving Long

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Detachment Charlie


Detachment Foxtrot

On the River in the MSSC   Charlie (12/69-6/70)   Foxtrot - Berg (01/70-05/70)
Long Phu  

Charlie (05/70-11/70)

Bac Lieu Trip  

Detachment Echo


Detachment Golf

    How Echo got its LSSC   Golf (09/70-03/71)

Knot Photos - 1969

      Ltjg Bill Bremer, OIC, Det Golf

From James Born - MST-2 was originally called "Project Zulu" The members were hand selected and trained with SEAL Team One for six months before going into combat together. This marked the first time in Naval history that the SEALS trained in this manner and allowed someone other than there own to go into combat with them. Every man was swimmer qualified, sent to Marine Engineman's School, Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape Training, Weapons School (30 and 50

HSSC.16a.jpg (52492 bytes)
Jim Born - 1967

cal. Machine guns, 106mm Recoilless Rifle, AR-15, 9mm pistol, hand grenades etc), Self Defense, Ambushes, Booby Traps, Explosive Ordinance training, Patrol Tactics, Communications, and a host of additional SEAL type training. I was sent to Assault Boat Coxswain School and was required to be an underway qualified coxswain on the PTF (Patrol Torpedo Fast), LCSR (Landing Craft Swimmer Recovery), PBR (Patrol Boat River), SWIFT boat and Boston Whaler. MST-2 was one of the most decorated units in the Delta and yet it is little known, because of the secrecy that lasted until recent declassification of the unit.  More Unit History and photos Here.

BM2 W.B. Strawbridge MST-2 Vinh Long, 1967 - waiting for some text to describe the events. Read More Here

Bruce Roberts - And then there was the day I almost shot Wayne Baum while clearing a jam for him in an M3 grease gun he'd picked up. As to the above jousts with death, I can think of several, including one that Red may remember. We used to break out five or six rounds of 60mm for the mortar before an op and have them ready to go. Read More Here

Carl Chitwood - Chitwood returns from ambush with SEALS.    Read more here.

Marc Platz - Great page of orders and photos. Did you know that BSU-1 helped train UDT-SEALS for the Apollo space program? Read More Here.

Photos from the 1969 photo collection of LT. Herbert M. Ruth, (deceased) SEAL Team Two DETACHMENT ALPHA, 9th PLATOON submitted by his son Kerry Ruth. Third Column comments by Robert H "Bob" Stoner GMCM(SW)(Ret.)  See them here

History and Photos from "Buck" Owen. Its from the very first MST tour in RVN called "Project Zulu". The only boats we had were two very slow, LCPL's and a Mike 6 and a catamaran with two 105 hp. merc. outboards called the STAB (SEAL Team Assault Boat ) driven by George Bosserdette, a seaman of BSU1. The Mike boat was driven by BM1 Harrison and one LCPL. was driven by me and the other one was driven by (I believe it was)  EN2 William Mount. I'm not positive about that. And let's not forget about the Boston Whaler that I believe BMSN James Born drove. See them here

My name is Dale G Payne I was ETR-2 . I had tour of duty with MST-2 at NahBe, tour with MST-2 at Mytho, and also a tour with MST-2 at Song on doc. I am currently an active member of UDT- SEAL ASSOCIATION NAVAL SPECIAL WARFARE, and have been for many years. Any Questions Please contact me at oldseal67@aol.com  or call at 727-461 1884 I live in Clearwater Fl. 

09-14-07 In 1968 Naval Special Warfare Group Vietnam authorized the Tactical concept of Helo Lifting NSW Combatant craft. The Mission Concepts were to include SEAL support insertion and extraction by boat but extending its range by being flown into the A.O. where V.C. not expecting U.S. forces. NSW forces could conduct reconnaissance, ambush in Unexpected areas . . . Read more

Commendation letter from SEAL team TWO to BSU-1, MST-2 Seal Mission Brief LSSC at Binh Thuy at MRT-Repair. Photos from Richard Snow, his first tour in 1970 2nd tour, Ben Luc DET Alpha , Aug 1971   Back row, JJ Rooney, D.P. Odom, Jim Thomas,G Feeback, D Dyer. 

End of Tour Report, June 1970

To the right is a .pdf version -->


04-27-08 John R. Rapp  I was assigned to Boat Support Unit 1 from 1966 to 1969. I have enclosed some of the photos from my collection of the MST-2 days. Also attached is a spreadsheet of the shipmates involved with the PTFs and the Project REDEYE, Redeye Shoulder Fired Passive Infra-Red Heat Seeking Missile Program.  Read More

12-05-08 GMC John M. Staehle, USNR (Ret.) It's good to know that we small boat sailors are still out there.

I went into the Navy in 9/69 to 8/73 and after going to GM A school found myself going to Naval Inshore Operations in Vallejo and having the first ride on LSSC and other small boats. During that school from 4/70-6/70 I went through SERE and three of the camp guards were from the USS Pueblo. Read More

(12-14-09) Allen"Doc"Craig HMC (Ret)UDT/SEAL  Dan, I really appreciate the web sites that you and others have contributed. SBU really means a lot to me, I can't count the times you guys were there for me and the sorry bunch of Navy SEALs I was associated with. I was with SEAL One, Golf platoon, Det Golf, Sea Float, circa 1970.There were several times that we got into a world of shit and relied on you guy's to get us out, and you always did, Thanks!

I was an instructor at NIOTS in 1968-69 under (The First SEAL) CDR Roy Boehm who was OIC at NIOTS in Vallejo, Cal. I taught PT, Survival Swimming and 1st aid. I fell in love with the SEALs and decided to be one and here I am. I retired in 1985 as a Chief Corpsman.

One of my student's BM2 Cornelius, was a friend of mine that I lost contact with in 69. If you could point me to where I might go to find him on a list.

Thanks again Allen"Doc"Craig HMC (Ret)UDT/SEAL

(04-21-2011) Jay McEwen -  I reported to BSU in October of 1968.  I think Russ Gleason was the skipper then & he was shortly relieved by Lee Mansi.  At one point I was skipper of PCF-814 with which I nearly started a war with Mexico - that's another story.  PCF-814 later showed up in New Orleans when Russ & I started CRD-22.  I deployed to Sa Dec in March of 1969 as OIC of MST-2 Det G.  Others in the unit included GM1 Walker, EN2 Kidde and a seaman named Speedy Rodriguez.  My first night there we took the LCPL out to get famiiar with the area.  As we were going out we had to pass underneath a very low bridge.  The guy I was relieving explained to me that when the water was over a certain mark on the bridge we had to take down the flag pole on top to avoid hitting the bridge.  We went out and went over to a local hot spot called Football Island.  As we passed by we started taking small arms fire but our three 50 cal and the Mini-Gun soon silenced the bad guys.  Welcome to VietNam!  A few days later I went out with the SEALS.  As we approached the bridge I could see the water was up over the mark so I asked Speedy to bring in the flag.  As we passed under the bridge I heard a crash which I knew was the flag pole being ripped out.  I turned to yell at Speedy but he was standing right behind me with a really surprised look on his face and the loose flag in his hands.
We operated with SEAL det F with LT Arch Woodard and LTjg John Marsh.  The boss was LT Ted Grabowski, a SEAL in Saigon.  The only other SEAL name I could remember was the corpsman, "Doc" Cantaloop (Sp?) who handed out the Dexamil.
I can get you more info and maybe some pics but I have to get ready to go to France to inspect a Feadship yacht in Cannes.  Yeah it's tough work but BSU prepared me well for this sort of hardship.
Regards,  Jay

Jay McEwen, CMS
(206) 371-6138 
Reisner, McEwen & Assoc., Inc.

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A SEAL insertion seen from a HSSC


HSSC Fire support with 81mm Mortar Note Mini Gun in foreground

106 recoiless rifle mounted on HSSC


MY Tho a HSSC with PBRs

Tom Moffett - MST-2
(Added 08-29-2011)

(Added 07-24-2012)  

Richard L. Barcus ET2 BSU-1  MST-2 Det Charlie and Golf at SEAFLOAT. Det Golf and Charlie Guys I remember:

Blas Mohica, En1 Neadier, GMG1 Ricj, Qm1 Easly, EN3 Loutzsenhiser, FN Charlie Farrell, ET3 Foster, SA Matheny, ET2 Terry Knott, ET2 Jeff Reed, ET@ William Cowles, PO3" Spider", GMG2 Robert Knowland, PO3 Ron Fox, EN3  Frank Hess, BM2 Rick Beard. OICs LTJG Barnes & LTJG Platt

     Many Photos HERE.

SEALs on Sampan link up with MST after op.
(Added 07-05-2013)

(added 07-05-2013) Photos from EN3 Ray Golden MST-2 Det Delta My Tho 1971

A Rebuilt 427 engine Ammon and Tom M. at Vung Tau Keeping a eye on the Big Crane Tom Moffitt getting ready for a Op Brief.. making sure nobody moved the contact pins, or the Bacardi Rum Cool Medium wash
No nice way to put it ...burning shit. Wichhorn and Toms back. We were so wild... Big Mo was scheduled to go to SEAFLOAT so we thought the Peace symbol  would help them out. Ray Golden Driving.  "Little Bit" Tom's dog the best guard dog.. had other masters  when we rotated. Sure miss him to this day. Once a week I gave him a Bath.
Sea Trail or better River Trails on the Big Mo Shoemaker test firing M-14 The CLUB. M.P Wood and Tom talking over next raid on Base Club Shoemaker, Dorchety and Dave John Knapp" How many trucks you want??maybe a Jeep?"
Tom Moffitt Dave and some army guys The Mini Gun on Medium MSSC "Snoopy's Nose up Cai Lay at High Tide


John Knapp  Super Snipe We had two mini guns for the Snoopy Op Port and Stb on Medium
Settling Down on Medium Tom Moffitt  the Leprechaun's back view at Vung Tao...still looking for his pot of gold. Flight deck of HSSC Erickson, Hazarion, and Dave on MSSC in Okinawa MSSC at Okinawa
Coconut island around corner of Ben Tre Ferry Landing from My Tho Simpson, Dave Kenworthy, Toms Back and Wichhorn Inside a MSSC MEDIUM The Fender!! What can I say Wichhorn EN2 and Simpson EM2  Super snipes
The HSSC :"Little Mo" with MSSC on Special Ops Tom Moffitt in the CLUB and briefing room A.J. playing bartender John Knapp and Dave Tokewas MSSC again driving me crazy with that Fender! Richard Snow cleaning M-60 better known as Jr. or "Young Gun"
Anti Rocket Fence John Knapp, Ray Golden and ???? in front of LSSC CLUB Life Going up the Creek at  Snoopy's nose Another shot of Coconut island
Ray Golden and Dave T. in front of LSSC.  Note Fuel Cell on ground Typical Water Taxi My Tho    

(added 09-27-2013)  GMG2 Mark Pollani MST-2 det Echo

MST-2 Det Echo 1969. Bm1 Ready, ET3 Eldridge, EN2 Shepard, GMG3 Pollani and Schanlber at PBR MO Base 2 Tan An 

On MSSC at Rach Soi Det Echo.. Kurt Oakely, Ron Helton,  Alvana The Wild Eskimo and two SEALS Rare photo shows the PL MkIV "Blackpower" the interm MSSC  and the brand new MSSC that would replace LCPL MKIV  Black power freshly painted..note single 50cal on Bow. NAB Coronado pier looking at the LCSR (L) UDT recovery Boat
Sunk HSSC being raised. Living Quarters Oh what a night note empty brass on LCPL MKIV MST-2 Boats at Rach Soi 1969  whaler.skimmer, LSSC, and LCPLMKIV Tucumcari Certificate

(added 12-15-2013)  Douglas Spangler, EN2 - Originally from Bellingham, WA, currently living in Lynnwood, WA. Joined the Navy in 1966, sent to fleet, served aboard the USS Annapolis AGMR-1. Went to Engineman A school GL's in 67. Was sent to BSU-1 in June. Received orders to Vietnam 1-68 to Bien Thuy, end of Feb. Sent to Vinh Long as the Engineman. Rotated back to Coronado, Sent to Da Nang 69, mustered out Oct 69 as EN2.

Jan-Feb 1968 Bein Thuy 

Me in Bein Thuy Roy Smalley EN 2 Rick Sheppard and Seal Frank Scalise (Doc) Goose the Stab driver and the AOINC (can't remember his name or goose's) Some PBR guys 

Mar-Aug 1968 Vinh Long   
Myself  and  Jeff Reed returning to the boat in Sa Dec Me after being pushed into the river. I can't remember his name.  David Shouf (AKA Sweet Mule) Vinh Long Villa 
Vinh Long Villa  The Whaler  Howard Blandino (Vinny)  The Beret I was given. I believe that its Jim Nye or Thompson? 
Sweet Mule Sweet mule resting on the trip back to the States. Unknown MST sailor    

Dong Tam & My Tho   
Me rebuilding the 671-21 T, with the help of Frank Wojciehowski Bar girls at a bar we used to visit. man does not live on bread alone.  

DaNang Jan - Aug 1969    
Me and Bruce Crabtree Me with the famous Boa at Da Nang Reach and Me  in our room at Da Nang after work    

(added 10-26-2014)  These photos were taken by Dennis L. Brown ETN2 while serving with Mobile Support Team 2, Detachment B. The photos from 1968 April-Sept were taken while he was stationed at Binh Thuy (near Can Tho, Vietnam) Photos from 1969 May-Oct were taken while he was stationed at Binh Thuy and later at Ben Luc (26 miles west of Saigon). Photos are HERE.

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