Special Boat Squadron - TWO



Special Boat Squadron - TWO

1978-2002 - Special Boat Squadrons

Special Boat Squadron -2

The Squadron was first commissioned as River Squadron TWO on 10 July 1971 with headquarters at the U.S. Naval Amphibious Base, Little Creek, Norfolk, Virginia. This command is a component of Naval Warfare Group TWO as part of the Special Operations Command. On 1 March 1979, the Squadron was reorganized and the name was changed to Special Boat Squadron TWO in order to more clearly delineate its' missions. The Squadron is composed of four subordinate Special Boat Units: Twenty, Twenty Two, Twenty Four, and Twenty Six.
The missions and tasks of Special Boat Squadron TWO include the following tasks in support of warfare and amphibious operations: coastal patrol and interdiction; surveillance; the development, test and evaluation of high speed combatant craft; training of other U.S. and allied units in coastal and riverine warfare technology; and the training of the Fleet in fast patrol boat and anti-fast patrol boat tactics.

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Special Boat Squadron - 2   Unit History

10-06-06 John Foster       I relieved Commander Rad Nelson as Commander Special Boat Squadron Two on 20 August, 1979. CDR Nelson was short-toured to make him available to command the new diver training command created in Panama City, Florida. He was an outstanding individual who preferred his salvage diver credentials to his Seal quals. He earned a Navy Cross in Vietnam.   (see Nelson citation here.)

[06-06-07] Great News for Naval Special Warfare

General Brown, CINCSOC, made the following announcement to his commanders this morning. We are honored to pass this information to you and offer our sincere congratulations to VADM Eric Olson (Class 76) who has set another first for Naval Special Warfare. SOF Leaders

 - I am pleased to inform you that today at approximately 1300 hours the President will announce Adm Eric Olson [former SBS-2 Commodore] has been nominated to be my relief. Eric embodies all that is SOF and has been a unifying force in the SOF community. He is a warrior who understands our operational missions and the needs of the men and women who carry them out. He also understands both indirect and direct actions and how they will contribute to winning the war on terror. He knows programs and can handle the title 10 issues with ease. He has been on the ground floor of the growth of SOCOM in resources and authorities. He is the right leader at the right time. Please join me in congratulating VADM Olson.    v/r Doug Brown

10-20-06 Jim Mitchell     The more I visit the site the more new info I find, and I check every few days.  I found the history of SBS-2 by John Foster, good stuff, I even have a couple of pictures of the PB that went to Burlington, VT to get the gun from GE (I was the Reserve Center Co and they moored to our pier,) had a great time while they
were there, did an open house/"Boat Visit" ending with charged firehoses to repeal borders - just local peace protesters, but fun for a while, haha).  Anyway, I attached the pictures to go with John Foster's history. 

09 Apr 2007 Ted Walters   Jim; I was at NR SBU 24 from 11 Nov 1987 - July 1993 (I think, it might have been August) when we were pooled out to other commands by NRC Little Creek. In October 1993, I went to Panama as a "Turista", got married and stayed with my wife at her apartment in El Chorrillo, until December 3, 1993.

I came back and found I was attached to NAB Little Creek Base Security Reserve Unit. I did 2 weeks ACDUTRA and then drove up to NRC Richmond to see if I could join NR SBU 20, and I spoke with LCDR Maguire (then NR SBU 20 CO).

I was a reserve in SBU-24 from 1987 to 1993 In 1993 I was with Det Charlie aboard PB 758(735 was my usual boat), for Ocean Venture 93, we brought the boats down from Little Creek to Puerto Rico (NSWU-4) via Morehead, NC/Mayport Fl/ Freeport, Bahamas/ Crooked Island, Turks and  Cacios/ Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic/Roosevelt Roads PR NSWU-4.

I Started with NR SBU 20 in January 1994, until June 1994, and in that time I did an ACDUTRA with 20. I was assigned to DET LIMA and we had Zodiac Hurricane "X" boats (24' the Black ones). ENS (SEAL) Houck was OIC, and I was put in their det for two weeks while they were doing work-ups for UNITAS 94. All we really did were Zulu Five Oscars with SEAL TEAM TWO.

Then I was recalled pending orders to SBU 26. I was supposed to remain at NRC Richmond, then they were going to send me to NWS Yorktown, so I had the Reserve Coordinator at SBR-2 call up and BMCM (SEAL) Chuck Steffey to Richmond and "ask" for me to be TAD'ed to SBR-2, as an assistant ORE Coordinator in Training Dept.

I finally got my orders cut from Vogelmore and flew down to Panama on 03 October 1994. I was with 26 from then until 8 December 1998. At that time I transferred back to SBU-20. I still have some photos of SBU 26 in Ecuador, Venezuela, and Panama. Mostly Riverine, but a few Coastal.

Have you seen that photo of the MK V and the 60, during a fastrope exercise? Well that is my boat MK V SOC 963 Sept. 2000 Pemblico Sound , North Carolina. I am the belay man on that line, as Navigator, I was the free guy. Do you remember ET1 (CC) Adkins? Well he is now the Dive Motivator at NTC Great Lakes as a SBCS (SWCC), and he is training my oldest son, who just graduated from NTC on March 15.    Ted

These photos provided by Lt Phil Garn. Click on the individual image to open a large version.


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