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Special Boat Team - 12, Coronado, CA


Special Boat Team-12 was established in Oct. 2002 as a result of NSW Restructure force changes. The Unit is located at Coronado Amphibious Base, San Diego Calif. The Team is comprised of MKV SOC and SOC RHIB combatant craft. The Team deploys its SBDs to North East Asia, South East Asia and the Middle East.

Special Boat Team began its history as Boat Support Unit ONE in 1964, in 1971 it became Coastal River Divison-12, and in 1978 it became Special Boat Unit-12 This long established history has had the Team continuously serving with distinction in almost all of Americas conflicts since Vietnam. SBT-12 was a frontline unit in IRAQI FREEDOM in 2003 and continues as a frontline unit in the Global War on Terrorism .

SBT-12 t-shirt
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Special Boat Team 12 Challenge Coin for SBT-12htm

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Reverse Of SBT-12 Coin shows new CCA boat

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CPO Mess SBT-12 Coin  beautiful and shows new CCA and CCM boats
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both SBT-12 coins but show a break from the traditional Challenge coin shape and sizes

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(Added 02-12-2018) the cloth patches will be worn on the camouflage uniforms
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New SWCC pin
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The CCA Combatant Craft Assault ...source DoD photo released CCM agile maneuvers ...source USN released

2 CCM under the Coronado Bridgejpg same caoption as on jpg.. source USN released

SBT-12 CCA and CCM together will begin their cycle of being phased out of the Special Boat teams slowly

A MKVSOC returns to Coronado NAB after a training evolution. a good example of the camouflage pattern used on craft a MKVSOC in heavy seas, The sea is a harsh mistress. It is a way of life for the SWCC, a very tough way of life. A SOCRHIB practices transfering wounded by air. You must be prepared. A MKVSOC shows the Power of her engines to muscle her way
through the waves. This 82' combatant craft is capable of 50knots!
A bow on aspect of the MKVSOC, stealthy . Also you can see the same image on the SWCC Warfare Insignia.
 A SOCRHIB in the surf zone of the Silver Strand. The SWCC crew is not
only smiling for camera but watching the waves. The SWCC knows the sea.
A SOCRHIB Training and practicing VBSS makes it approach on ship.  The SOCRHIB near stern splashed by wake of ship. note caving ladder going out. With Caving ladder attached the SOCRHIB Breaks away. VBSS is a unforgiving and demanding skill of SWCC
SBT-12 Cat and Mouse on Iraq's Crucial Waterways

Added 08-18-07
  MKV (CCH) riding out a choppy sea. This MKV (CCH) is showing her age in her hull Twin 50cal gunshoot off a MKV (CCH) Why waltz, when you can Rock and Roll!!! An interesting transfer of SEALS from a 11meter RHIB (CCM) to a CH-46 helo via Jacobs ladder SWCC setup 50 cal. mg on their 11 meter RHIB (CCM) Always.. head space and timing!!!!!

On an ARG their RHIB (CCM) is lowered into the water by slings. SBT-12 RHIB (CCM) God, Country, and Fast Boats 11meter RHIB (CCM) on a glassy sea a fast boat is a absolute joy ride! A SWCC showing the not so glamorous side of the business, but what most boatguys remember. Being Cold and Soaking WET. Another fine Navy Day
SBC Erik Kraft shakes hands with The President G.W. Bush   MKVs of SBT-12 SBT-12- CRRC Recovery on a MKV.. Practice makes Perfect. In  a Real World Op this would be done at night off a hostile shore.    

Special Warfare Combatant-craft Crewmen (SWCC) from Special Boat Team (SBT) 12, stationed at Naval Base Coronado, Calif., conducted a Maritime External Air Transportation System (MEATS) training evolution, Dec. 12, with the help of a Marine Corps CH-53 helicopter.   More stories here

CORONADO, Calif. (NNS) -- Naval Special Warfare Pulls Together to Help Evacuees of San Diego Fires    As wild fires threaten Southern California for the third straight night, the Naval Special Warfare community is working tirelessly to help those families who have been evacuated find some comfort and shelter.       More stories here

Navy helps Philippines' sea defense.  - MINDANAO ISLAND, Philippines — U.S. Navy Special Warfare sailors are helping the Philippine navy learn to control the waters around islands where they’re fighting Abu Sayyaf terrorists.   Read More Here

CORONADO, Calif. (NNS) -- Naval Special Warfare Boat Team (SBT) 12 was awarded the Navy Unit Commendation, and a SEAL (SEa, Air, Land) was awarded the Bronze Star Medal in a ceremony aboard Naval Amphibious Base Coronado Feb. 14. Read More Here

Todays Modern SWCC

SBT-12 MACDs exercise, a SOCRIB is launched from a C-130
The combatant craft under the canopies as the safety boats move quickly into position. The Todays Modern SWCC from Airborne to Waterborne The MACDs crew and Boat link up and get underway with the safety boats. SWCC and SEALs Rehearse VBSS, Practice, Practice, Practice
A MKV SOC Launches an experimental UAV off San Clementi Is. RTD&E a part of Naval Special Warfare and SBTs will often support projects. The Contractors of the UAV happy at the recovery of their UAV.

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A CH47 does a MEATS seaborne lift of a 11meter RHIB. With RHIB in the air in lift off the SWCC crewmen climb into the Chinook helo. SWCC working to load 50 cal. MGs unassembled onto MKVs.
SWCC Mounting the twin 50Cal. MG.s on MKV The SWCC Chief Engineer performs pre op checks on Engines of a 11 meter RHIB
The high performance of the SOC RHIB clearly shown. a SWCC on 11 meter RHIB makes preps for getting underway note SBT-12 patch on his Tactical Floatation Vest a  SBT-12 11 meter RHIB in heavy weather and sail in worse it can be a cold wet job a SBT12 SOCRHIB transits out harbor with San Diego in background.
A 11meter RHIBs in a swimmers support support role.
SWCC and SEALs Naval Special Warfare on the water at it best. SWCC and SEALs work best at night.
A SBT-12 SOCRHIB on a recruiting tour at an Oregon Sea Festival. (Portland Rose Festival?) A MKV from SBT-12 on step
A 82' MKVSOC has remarkable speed and maneuverability.
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A SWCC at the Consul, Boat Captain Helm and Engineer all have stations at the Conn.
MKV instruments at night 90% of SWCC work is done at night.
  A SOCRHIB launches a Drone UAV A  FINE NAVY DAY!
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  SWCC hold final mission brief on pier before getting underway. SWCC gearing up. SBT-12 underway to carry out the Op. The jets and buckets of a 11Meter RHIB

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  MKVs of SBT-12 MKVs of SBT-12 Stern of an 11 meter RHIB  

(12-14-09) Jim, we met when I was BCT course manager at the center.  Saw that you were looking for patches for the website.  Here's the patch we had made for RIB det November.  Mambo King was our call sign, so we went with it.  This was the last det I deployed with before I went to teach and retire.  Had it made at the tailor shop at Camp Doha in Kuwait.  Hope all is good.
Aloha - Jim Gordon BMCS(SWCC) Ret

(Added 12-20-09) Mike Abelo driving the 30IRIBs with Lt Steve Masi riding along.

(01-16-2010) SBCS Meland,  - I was a regular fleet sailor from 1983 to 1996 as an Operations Specialist. On my last ship, I met a guy who knew a lot about the SBUs and he convinced me to put in a package. I did, was accepted, and attended SWCC school in 1996; graduating with SWCC Class 20.  More Here with photos. See also SBU12 and SBT-Detach

SCPO Meland  on MKV SOC

02-31-2010)  Special Boat Team 12 Storage Building Completed - SAN DIEGO (NNS) -- Special Boat Team (SBT) 12 and Navy Region Southwest hosted a ribbon-cutting ceremony May 14, on Naval Base Coronado to commemorate the opening of the new SBT-12 Storage building.

The $10.5 million facility will replace the current storage area and help enhance efficiency and morale for the team.     More Here

(Added 10-26-2010) SWCC Sean Kientz in BDU Uniform, note SWCC and OIC badges. Kientz duty stations 1994-2000 SBU-12/SBT-12,  SWCC Instructor 2000-2003, SBT-22 2004-2006, Twilight Tour as NSW/NSO recruiting.

11meter Rib Det Golf to NSWU-1 Guam 2000 Sean firing a M-4/203 on Guam Checking the results of shootin' SWCC of Det Golf Guam 2000  
Wet ride on 11 meter Rib Wet ride on 11 meter Rib Calm and Slow MKV recovers a CRRC  

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11meter RIB from SBT-12 insert SEALS onto Offshore OIL Platform

SEAL View looking down on SEALs climbing caving ladder and 11meter RIB below

  MKV conducts a Gunshoot
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SBT-12 logo

MKV Pierside NAB Coronado the old tower gone a new takes it place same location.

MKV and 11Meter Ribs NAB Cornado

SBT-12 Combatant Craft at NAB Coronado


MKV they are getting Old reaching end of service life


Added 01-27-2012
SWCC firing 50 cal off an 11 meter Rib.

SWCC goes to secondary weapon in this case shooting a M-4 with 203  GL

SBT MKV in Gulf SBT-12 Det practicing Combat Casualties on E and E

SBT-12 Return to Base NAB Coronado


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SBT-12 11 meter Ribs transit in formation with San Diego in background.

June 07, 2012 Cmdr Shance C. Vuoder relieved Cmdr Michael Stull in a rare underway Change of Command  ceremony at sea.

SBT-12 Change of Command. Colors presented by SeaDoos, note Guests in orange Lifejackets SBT-12 Change of Command proceeds carried out Underway.

11 meter RIB leaves Pt Loma for a VBSS Training Exercise.



with VBSS ex over Rib comes alongside to retrieve the Boarding Party...Note Rib Astern as safety boat.


The Last of SBT-12 mothballed MKVs leave service 1996-2012 (added 08-31-2012)   Kevin Mann and BOYZ taking  a breather.
(Added 01-22-2013)

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