Special Boat Team - 20



Special Boat Team - 20, Little Creek, VA

Special Boat Team-20 was established Oct. 2002 as a result of NSW-21 Restructure Force changes. SBT-20 is located at Little Creek Amphibious Base in Virginia. The Team is comprised of MKV SOC and SOC RHIB combatant craft and deploys its SBDs to Europe, the Med., Africa and Middle East.
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Official Patch

Unofficial Patch

 Unofficial Patch

Hat Patch

Special Boat Team-20 began its history as Boat Support Unit-2 in 1964, in 1972 it became Coastal River Division - 20. 1979 saw its name change to Special Boat Unit-20. SBT-20's long established history has the team serving with distinction in most of America's conflicts. Special Boat Team - 20 was a frontline unit in IRAQI FREEDOM in 2003 and continues in the Global War on Terrorism.

(Added 02-12-2018) (Added 02-12-2018) the cloth patches will be wore on the camouflage uniforms
New SWCC pin
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Naval Special Warfare Recruit At Army-Navy Game

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Sailors assigned to Naval Special Warfare Group TWO (NSWG-2) and Naval Special Warfare Group FOUR (NSWG-4) recruit at Army - Navy Game.



The Sealion
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Sealion Underway
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The CCA Combatant Craft Assault
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SBT-20 practice well deck ops.. USN released photo
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An 11meter SOCRHIB air dropped from a C-130 The SWCC crew and SEALs will jump after it. This is called MCADS (Maritime Craft Air Deployable
SOCRHIB Safety Boats race to drop zone, just in case they are needed. Note four parachutes for the SOCRHIB A SWCC crewman prepares to land in water putting on his swim fins. SEALs fast rope down on to a underway MKVSOC A 11meter SOCRIB the standard combatant craft to support a SEAL squad for the coastal and open ocean. crew of 3 SWCC.

Two MKV SOC on the wall at SBT-20 Little Creek NAB enjoying a winter wonderland. A SOCRHIB tows a couple Zodiacs at speed to support a op. A SWCC fires 50 cal MG from aft gun mount on SOCRHIB A SOCRHIB heads out into the sunset, but the real fun is at night. SBT-20 "Take Down"

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  SWCC gunner fires his 50 cal. mg from the stearn of a 11 meter RHIB (CCM)   The 11 meter RHIB (CCM) is the current combatant craft for Blue Water deployments on MARG  SBT-20 practice air medivac and receive a rescueman from a helo down on to the 11meter RHIB (CCM)  SBT-20 MKV (CCH) Det. underway in tight formation 

MKV (CCH) makes a gunrun on beach just outside the surf zone  A MKV (CCH) loads out on a Roll On M.V. for deployment  11meter RHIB (CCM) with SWCC crew and SEALs, the combination is the Best of the Best on Water  11meter RHIB (CCM) makes a hard sharp turn  A MKV SOC carrying a MK-8 SDV (Swimmer Delivery Vehicle )

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  CCM RHIB MACADs Det. under the canopies
CCM RHIB land in water the chutes cut away.
CCM RHIB under the canopies with Old Glory, which is why SWCC do the extraordinary  

Added 01-05-08

SBT20 loads a CCMRIB on a C-130 for a MCADs Drop.
CCMRIB under four canopies about to land in water.
SWCC crew Land by their CCMRIB The not so glamorous side of MCADs pulling cold wet heavy chutes out of the ocean.
After air drop Safety Boat and Zodiac linkup with air dropped CCMRIB to make sure all are okay and help recover chutes and packing.

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MEATS provided added mobility for the special boat operators, which allowed them to transport their boats over greater distances. The SWCC assigned to SBT 12 and SBT 20 operate 11-meter rigid-hull inflatable boats (RHIB) in coastal environments throughout the world.  Read more here. . .

SWCC hook up slings to hovering CH-47 airborne boat and SWCC climb into helo MEATS greatly enhances the tactical capabilty of the SWCC

(05-23-2011) More MEATs.

The 11 meter RIB at the ready the CH-47 Helo makes its approach

The SWCC seen from Belly of helo making the Hookup with slings on Helo's hard points

Once hooked the Helo slowly rises.


seen from the belly of the helo a jacobs ladder is dropped to SWCC crew and climb into helo

SWCC Crew climb into Helo

CH-47 lifts boat out of the water and SECC crew climb into helo and then they will transit to OP area.


A Stern view of a SBT-20 MKVSOC with its SWCC crew at GQ MKV on trailer for load out for deployment A SBT-20 MKV SOC passes the Statue of Liberty while participating in NYC's Fleet week. A MKV Detachment in Malta.

A MKV cruising in the waters of Malta
MKV in the rain

50 cal Mini Typhoon on MKV


SBT-20 Gunshoot (10-20-08)
SWCC preping 50 cal. M2 SWCC pulling out 50cal ammo for gunshoot. SBT-20 11 meter RHIBs underway to range. note MK-19 Grenade Launcher on stern of craft. 11 meter RHIBs information a thing of beauty for a boatguy. SWCC engages the hulk target ship with 50cal.

Walking rounds into the hulk target ship. Shooting the 50 cal. HMG of the SOCRHIB 40mm grenades going off fired from the aft of the  11 meter RHIB. A long day and still shooting.
Sunset...Bores clear, all rounds expended, no casualties

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SWCC job Satisfaction

SBT-20 11meter Rib Passes the sling to  Army CH-47

  An 11 meter SOCRHIB kind of stands out amongst the fishing boats Stern view of a pair of MKVs

Added 06-10-09
  MKV Sunset 11 Meter  RHIB Sunset MKV Gun run stand by for a Broadside! SWCC 11Meter RHIB Det.
Coastal SWCC Boats the MKV and 11 Meter RHIB SWCC.. Its not the Boats that are Special, its the Crew SWCC Gunner on Forward 50 cal. HMG latest update on 11Meter RHIB The Not so Glamerous side of SWCC is being wet cold, but still can do the mission,

Special Boat Team Warriors Return From Iraq- Naval Special Warfare warriors returned home April 18 after playing a vital role in Operations Iraqi Freedom (OIF) and Enduring Freedom (OEF) and the War on Terrorism (WOT).  Read more here

Navy Completes 100th Boat Airdrop - In a world of unconventional warfare, elite and highly-trained military, like Navy SEALS or army rangers, are trying to gain the upper hand in the fight against terrorism around the world.   Read TV Station version here

Special Boat Operators Reach Milestone MCADS Drop - Special Warfare Boat Operators (SB) from Special Boat Team 20 (SBT-20) reached a milestone on March 28 when they successfully completed the 100th and 101st insertion of the Maritime Craft Aerial Deployment System (MCADS) off the coast of North Carolina.    Read Navy News version here

(Added 03-20-09)Special Warfare Sailors Complete Advanced Jump Qualifications  Special Warfare Combatant-craft Crewmen (SWCC) from Special Boat Team 20 (SBT-20), completed multiple free-fall parachute jumps Feb. 22-March 6, in preparation for an upcoming deployment. Read more Here

SWCC Participate in Basic Tactical Swimmer Course  Special warfare combatant-craft crewman (SWCC) from Naval Special Warfare Group 4 and Special Boat Team 20 participated in a Basic Tactical Swimmer Course at the Naval Special Warfare Combat Swimmer Facility at Naval Amphibious Base Little Creek, Va., March 3-6.  Read more here

(Added 03-20-09) Weapons Class Enhances Readiness   NORFOLK, Va (NNS) -- Special Warfare Combatant-craft Crewmen (SWCC) from Special Boat Team (SBT) 20, stationed at Naval Amphibious Base Little Creek, Va., conducted a six-day class on the operation and maintenance of the basic crew serve weapons used aboard special operations craft beginning July 27. "The intention of this class is to make the operators more effective at maintaining and repairing their weapons," said Dennis Doan, a Special Tactical Services senior instructor. Weapons Class Enhances Readiness -  Read more here

(Added 03-20-09) SBT 20 Opens New Storage Facility - VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (NNS) -- Special Boat Team (SBT) 20, one of two commands in the Department of Defense specifically designated to conduct special operations in coastal environments, held a ribbon-cutting ceremony for their new 57,000 square foot storage facility in Virginia Beach, Va., July 9.  Read more here

(Added 07-31-2010) Virginia Beach based SWCCs talk about Philly rescue - VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) - When a "Ride the Ducks" tour boat collided with a barge on July 7th in Philadelphia, Virginia Beach-based sailors who were in town for Navy Appreciation Day helped rescue nine people.  Read more here

SWCC received accolades for their River Rescue July 7

Added 11-30-09

The Drag chute pulls the SOCRHIB out of the C-130 The SWCC follow the Boat The SOCRHIB under the Canopies SWCC exit the C-130 Safety boat rushes to the LZ
SBT-20 11meter RHIBs acting as Safety Boats for the AirDrop SBT-20 MKV SBT-20 SOCRHIB practice insertion with SEALs on Beach (photo Chip Mielkey)    

(Added 11-30-09) CHERRY POINT, N. C (NNS) -- Detachments from Special Boat Team (SBT) 20, stationed on Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek-Fort Story, Va., spent Nov. 2-6 running through complex training scenarios designed to serve as a pre-deployment assessment.  More Here

(Added 12-20-09)  

(12-20-09) NORFOLK, Va. (NNS) -SWCCs Share Boarding Tactics with Fleet Sailors- U.S. Navy Special Warfare Combatant-craft Crewmen (SWCC) from Special Boat Team (SBT) 20 gave Sailors from USS Peleliu (LHA 5) and USS Dubuque (LPD 8) a three-week training course focusing on visit, board, search and . . .  More Here

(Added 02-25-2010) SWCC Complete Parachute Egress Course -  NORFOLK, Va. -- (NNS) -- U.S. Navy Special Warfare Combatant-craft Crewmen (SWCC) from Special Boat Team (SBT) 20 tested their stamina and water proficiency after the one-week Parachute Egress (Para-Egress) course at Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek Feb 5.     Read more here


SWCC and SEALs checking out Local Fishing Port SBT-20 RHIB det and SEALs explores local Fishing Port SWCC on SOC RHIB training VBSS team

MKVs and 11meter Ribs

SBT-20 boats getting Underway

(07-31-2010) New photos

An 11 meter RHIB from SBT-20 demonstrates how close it can get to shore to provide Fire support

At the SEAL/UDT Reunion July 2010 RHIBs demonstrate the CAST and recovery Tactics with Frogmen.

Of Interest in this photo is the new automated 50 cal gun mounts on the MKV

SBT-20 sent two MKVSOC up to the PT BOAT Assoc to honor the veterans last reunion.

In the early morning sunrise a MkV heads back to Little Creek Va.



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  Backing down a Boat Ramp Backing Down Trailer splashed

Firing up the 11 meter and backing off trailer


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  SWCC swim in freezing Atlantic in winter SWCC exiting freezing water after their swim Safety Rib in Background "LEST WE FORGET" SWCC Recover MCADs Boat Platform onto MKV

Preps for Ops on 11meter

11 meter Rib on Night Ops

  An SBT 20 MKV underway.  

a MKV heads out on Ops.

MKV arrives in Boston for a "Dog and Pony" Show

MKVs passing each other

Good study of the Mini Typhoon system with 50 Cal on MkV

Stern View  MKV SOC


(Added 01-27-2012)
SBT-20 MKVs pulling in for a Dog and Pony show MKV on the James River SBT-20 11 meter Rib Old But sleek Good profile of the MKV SOC
(Added 02-27-2012)
Pair of MKVs on step MKV preps for Gunshoot MKV conducts Gunshoot SWCC fires twin 50 Cals on MKV a MKV waits for night but creates a beautiful photo.

11 meter Rib shows the beauty of Speed

A SWCC by his MK-19GL on RIB SWCC fires his MK -19GL SWCC crewman fires MK-19GL off stern of 11 meter RIB SWCC crewman fires 50 Cal off bow of 11 meter RIB
11 meter RIBs go out on a cold day Underway to support airdrop a 11 meter Rib under canopies seen from A SWCC above    
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  SWCC from SBT-20 put on a demonstration for USSOCOM in FL.      
(Added 06-26-2012)
2012 SOLIC Convention in FL. SBT-20 Rib Det down for the SOLIC Demonstration

SBT-20 11meter RIBs show their stuff at SOLIC  Convention.

RIBS / and SEALs leave Piers in Haste

Goodbye to The MKVSOC her service life over..maybe one will survive to civilian service like the PCF SWIFT passing behind the MKV.

(Added 01-21-2013)
11meter Ribs make a gun run near beach

Okay where's the Boat?????

SBT-20 and DBG stickers on jog path.
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