Special Boat Team - Detachments



Special Boat Team - Detachments

Special Boat Detachments (SBD) like its earlier historic namesakes MST-1,2, and 3 are small Spec Boat Dets. deployed from its parent Special Boat Team.
The SBD will form up, train, and qualify on the combatant craft to be used. They will also receive all combat related skills, training and tactics for missions they will conduct overseas. Once the training cycle is completed the Special Boat Team training Department will conduct a Operational Readiness Exercise (ORE).  NSWG-4 may also monitor the ORE. This is a realistic as possible Final Battle Problem that will test and grade all skills learned by the detachment. Once they passed the ORE the Special Boat Team and NSWG-4 will certify them ready for deployment.

"SBDs have served in every SOF command overseas."

The SBD is then sent overseas on a Operational deployment to conduct Maritime Naval Special Warfare at the orders of the SOF In-Theater Commander The deployment is normally six months long. The SBD will normally support a SEAL Platoon, but with NSW-21 Force changes several SBDs will deploy together with a SEAL Squadron and its platoons of SEALs. The SBD normally support SEAL operations, but capable of conducting certain operations with other SOF units and Marine RECON. The Special Boat Detachments are capable of conducting certain Special Operation Missions designed for the Boats and SWCC. SBDs is on the tip of the spear when deployed, conducting, or on station to conduct "Real World" Operations.
An older NSWU-3 insignia with units that supply Plts and Dets to Unit

The Forgotten War on Terror
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Near Camp Patriot Waterways declared nearly clear of mines Odd Vessel serving Allies as Truck Stop that Floats Seals Clear Mines in Vital Harbor

During Iraqi Freedom 03 (IF03) a SOCRHIB is lifted out of water and stowed in its Mother Ship HSV-1 During IF03, another view of HSV-1 recovering a SOCRHIB during IF03 a 11meter SOCRHIB with SEALs and GROM on board, Mother ship HSV-1 in background. Night vision provides a glimpse of the night life of the SBD during IF03. A SOCRHIB intercepts a native DHOW in the Persian Gulf.
During IF03 at night a SBD checks out a native fishing DHOW, or is it a clandestine minelayer for the IRAQIs? The SWCC gunners 50.cal pointed up to not threaten , but he's still ready to engage.
During Iraqi Freedom 03, just like most past history, NSW Special Boat Operations are 90% conducted at night.
IF03 - A SOCRHIB checks out a Native DHOW, similar sights go back to 1987 during Operation Earnst Will. Naval Special Warfare SBDs have been in the Persian Gulf a long time. A SOCRHIB in the dusty sunset of the Gulf. IF03 - A MKVSOC on step on the sometimes glassy waters of Gulf. Note this boat sports 8 50cal mgs in twin mounts.
IF03 - A MKVSOC and SOCRHIB head out to conduct the night mission.
IF03 - A SOCRHIB waits for SEALs to return, dark shadows off a hostile shore.
Note this SOCRHIB has a twin 50 mg on bow and MK-19 GL on stern.
A gift from one of our Best allies in Iraqi Freedom03 the Polish GROM showing the Super Seal Squadron SBDs Boats in Kuwait. SEALs, SWCC and
GROM best of the best. Note Polish flags on some RHIBs and MKVs
The SBD SOCRHIB det will often work on a ARG deployment.
This is a Blue Water SOF commitment all over the world. This concept has been effect since the UDT in WWII.
Sometimes a SBD will be on board a Allied Navy Ship to
support Allied SOF such as UK SBS and Royal Marines.
Even at sea a ship can be searched by NSW forces, note
two SOCRHIBs at stern of ship, waiting while SEALs conduct a ship's search.
On a exercise in Thailand a SOCRHIB make a gun run in on targets ashore. As the SOCRHIB closes on island, waves are a factor. The SOCRHIB heads out to sea, the aft gun fires with a M-60 mg. Note how Boat captain has constant comms with his gunners to give orders. Guam boatdrop Guam boatdrop
11 meter Rib during Op Iraqi Freedom 03

MKV during Op Iraqi Freedom 03


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MKV and 11meter RHIBs during IF03 Underway watch on MKV in Gulf IF03 HSV with a formation of two MKVs and 11meter RHIBs SBT-20 11 meter RHIB in Gulf IF03 note twin 50 cal on bow mount 11Meter RHIB on step note distinctive sunset typical of the Persian Gulf
SBT-22 SOCR on Patrol in Iraqi Waters SBT-22 SOCR during IRAQI FREEDOM a slung 11 meter RHIB is hoisted back on board ship. 11meter RHIB (CCM) with SWCC Crew and SEALs near Jolo Is. Philippines  

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NSWU-3 insignia on challenge coin in Bahrain. Rib Det on MSC  ship SWCC conduct Gunshoot in Sri Lanka SOCRs in Iraqi Freedom A SBT/MTT working with Kenya C.G. Africa.

Added 09-22-09  On 6 Sept 2009 an SBT-12 Detachment with SEALs from Seal Team 7 working from Joint Special Operations Task Force Philippines joined in the rescue of a capsized Ferry sinking off Zamboanga in Southern P.I. Working in conjunction with the Philippine Navy and Coast Guard the SBT-12 Det. and SEALs rescued survivors and searched over a 30 square mile area for 11 hours for the missing. Of nearly 1,000 passengers aboard 968 were rescued. Source: Navy Times
Philippine Navy Patrol Boats  and the stricken ferry.
The capsized ferry. Note one survivor on hull and  P.I. Navy Boat alongside P.I. Patrol Boat with survivors and a SBD 11 meter RHIB approaching its stern.
SBT-12 11 meter RHIB search Life Rafts
SWCC in RHIB pass a survivor to Rescue Coast Guard Boat
11meter RHIB coming alongside P.I. Patrol Boat to Pass survivors to them The P.I. Patrol Boat Loaded with survivors on board as the SBD RHIB goes out for more. A  photo from helo showing the P.I. Patrol Boat and two SBT-12 RHIBs

(01-20-10) Photos from SCPO Meland see also SBU12 and SBT-12

RIB Det Oscar at Kuwait Naval Base preparing for interdiction mission Aug 2000 MKV Det and RIB Det Oscar at Kuwait Naval Base preparing for Interdiction Mission Aug 2000 Mission Rehearsal  11meter Rhibs in Gulf Mar 2003 Kicking Off Iraqi Freedom MKV and SOCR Det working off the HSV to clear the KAA April/May2003 Kicking Off Iraq Freedom ,SOCR getting a lift near Basrah, Iraq April/May 2003
Enjoying my morning Coffee at NSW Compound near Bagdad Airport May 2003 Iraqi Anti aircraft weapon at Baghdad Airport      

(05-23-2011) PO1 Herbert Clay -  SWCC class 37 served in SBT-12 for 5 yrs deployed in RIB detachments and MKV detachment during Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom.


(05-23-2011) More SBT detachments

Dusk and a SDV SEAL Operator preps while riding the MKVSOC To the Op Area. Night Launch of a MKVSOC off of a MKVIII SDV Once clear and checks made the SDV operator gets the signal "Good to Go." 11 meter Rhib det in Norway

A Cold but beautiful ride in Norway


Naval Special Warfare Assists In Building Kenyan Special Boat Unit MOMBASA, Kenya (NNS) -- A brand new Kenyan naval unit reached a milestone March 26 when 27 members of the Kenyan Special Boat Unit (KSBU) graduated from the second of three joint combined exchange training (JCET) exercises facilitated by a U.S. Navy Special Warfare Combatant-craft Crewman (SWCC) team.  More Here

07-31-2010) Naval Special Warfare Personnel Train with Elite Brazilian Unit - RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil (NNS) -- Seven operators from Naval Special Warfare (NSW) worked with the Brazilian Marine Corps Special Operations Battalion (Tonelero) April 19 May 13. This was the first time the United States has engaged with this unit in more than 25 years.    details here

News articles added

  JSOTF-P Assists with Philippine Superferry Search and Rescue Naval Special Warfare Assists In Building Kenyan Special Boat Unit U.S., Philippines Special Operations Forces Train Together as Part of Flash Piston  

  An 11 Meter Rib  conducting VBSS exercise in Romania 2011.  Photo courtesy SOCEUR


a MKV in the Southern P.I. An 11 RIB on patrol in Southern P.I    
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11 meter Rib on step after just shooting 11 meter Rib Det Underway Three 11 meter RIBs in P.I. 11 meter RIB on step SBT-12 loading out 11 RIB
SBT-12 another view of the 11 meter Rib loadout. MKV and 11 meter Rib in P.I. IFO Goplat Takedown! Begining of of the War MKV and RIBs in IFO3 SWCC and GROM on MKV
SEALs and SWCC on SOCR do VBSS in Iraq during IFO3 SBT-22 Prime mover of trailered SOCRs in Iraq Another view of Prime mover and trailered SOCR and its escort in Iraq

SBT-22 conduct MEATS Op durin IFO3 Iraq

another View of the MEATs op th SOCR just lifted a SWCC crew climb up into CH-47
SWCC firing his Twin 50cals off a MKV SOC  a MKVSOC on step carrying a SDV MK8      

PB775 crew Persian Gulf 1988 (added 08-31-2012) Joe Riffey
(Added 01-22-2013)
Twin 50s track a Dhow in Gulf(Added 01-22-2013)   Twin 50s on MKV(Added 01-22-2013)    

1985 Det Party
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