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Special Boat Unit - 22

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Photo From Scott Cruise

Special Boat Unit TWENTY-TWO is located at John C. Stennis Space Center, Mississippi. SBU-22's primary mission is to conduct and support special operations in riverine environments. Craft inventory includes Patrol Boats Riverine (PBRs), Mini- Armored Troop Carrier, (MATCs) and Patrol Boats Light (PBL).

Attention CRD-22 and SBU-22 Shipmates!

We of the team at SBT 22 at the Stennis Space Center have recently decided to create a small heritage/museum type area in and around the Quarterdeck at the team. I am inviting all former members of our team to donate photos, patches, coins, official documents or any other noteworthy items to this cause. I am confident that someday our legacy will be rightfully represented in some official museum. Until that day comes, we at SBT-22 are moving forward with our goal of displaying our proud heritage. Thanks for the consideration.

 Send all items to:
 Special Boat Team TWENTY-TWO
 2603 Lower Gainesville Rd
 Stennis MS 39532

Very Respectfully,
Doug Brown CMCCM

SPECBOATU 22 (Coastal River Division - 22) Unit History

10-05-06 John Foster     I relieved Bob Cushing as Commander, Coastal River Division Twenty-Two on 5 November, 1977. He had commanded the unit since August of 1974. At that time, the division had two Mark 3 patrol boats (65 footers), three PCF (Swift Boats),  seven PBRs, five Mini-ATCs (armored troop carriers), and an assortment of outboard craft.

Mini-ATC's on Pearl River PBR near Pensacola

Change of Command brochure from John Foster

(03-10-08) Vince Muscarello, CDR (Ret).  I was Engineer and Engineering Training Officer in SBR-2 at NAB Little Creek , and Naval Special Warfare Fleet Introduction Team OIC & Executive Office SBU-22 from 1992 – 1998 at New Orleans, LA.  I was also the Facilities Officer and negotiated the move to Stennis Space Center as well as, designed the current facilities layout. 

I retired and am now an Educator.  I am an administrator with Corpus Christi ISD.  I have every year since I have been with the District coordinated Veteran’s Day events.  I remember taking our boats and equipment all over to display and promote Special Ops.  Sure would like to get a Boat Unit to come to Corpus. 

Look forward to sharing memories.  I have some pictures of the Unit.  We took a Command picture in Jackson Square when Rich Loth was CO.  We use to do some runs through the French Quarters and down St. Charles Street for our 6+ mile runs. 


Born on the Bayou  "Extracted" from AllHands Magazine, March 2000        On the swamps and rivers of southern Mississippi, the “River Rats” of Special Boat Unit 22 are training to ensure that there's no hiding from the brown-water Navy . Read the article here

From John McGuckin -This is the type of training that we conducted on the Pearl River in the good old days. We used 20 ea. 20 lb. C-4 charges strung together with primacord across the river. Notice the gun smoke from the lead boat as soon as the charge goes off.

<-After a hard day of blowing up stuff, there's nothing like a fish fry.

CAC practicing with SEALs 3s CAC from SBU-22 on step and combat ready PBRMKII and SEALs a PBL from SBU-22 det 122 in Alaska with SEAL Team 5  

Added 09-02-2010

LCDR Eric Houin, LCDR Rick Jacobs, CM 1 Moore, Christmas Cake  1979

Libby Gasaway, Pearl River -1979 (Author of Gray Wolves, Gray Sea) (My cigar and beret)

LCDR Eric Houin, LCDR Rick Jacobs, Pearl River 1978

Operation Bluffredex – Memphis 197? That’s me – LT McGuckin with the white hair. Doug Barksdale is on my left.

10-06-06  My name is Thomas R Walker ( Tommy ) BMCS (sw) (cc) RET. I served in SBU 22 as (Active Duty) Combat Craft Dept Head from August '84 thru September ' 87.  more here

02/02/07 Michael Vredenburg     Hello - I was with SBU-22 from 1993 to 1995. I remember quite well lots of the guys, both SELRES and active, who were there at the time, and wonder if any are members on your site. I have a few pics, not many, and mainly of the stupid little PBL. . . more here

(01-05-08) James Truehart, GMGC - USNR-Retired  Just stumbled onto your website and wanted to get in on the "action".  I was a member of the unit as a Reservist. I was a plank owner of Special Boat Unit 22 (formerly Coastal River Division 22) in Algiers, La. more here

(07-07-07) SBU-22 Photos
SBU-22 det.122 inserts SEALs in Alaska While SEALs swim in the PBL provides cover SBU-22 det 122 Getting SEALs in the Boat is harder than getting them out. SWCC provide cover fire if needed SBU-22 det 122 PBL early model, Boatguys love the night life. a wet PBL Patrol
a 3boat PBL patrol on step and covering the river banks. if you loose your boat, your cover boat won't leave you behind Boatguys suppress fire with M-60mgs SBU-22 patch Stern view of PBL on step
The old and the new at SBU-22 a PBR and 2 CACs PBL Patrol on Step      

Added 04-20-09

PBR MkII and 2 CACs Wake surfing PBL 50cal BFA Muzzel flash. PBL Stern. Sundown in the reeds.
  Added 04-20-09 ->



    CAC of SBU-22

(10-20-09) Lonnie Dufour - I served at SBU 22 from July 1977 to August 1980.  When I came onboard, the unit was called Coastal River Division 22 and re-named Special Boat Unit 22 sometime later.  I came onboard as a Quartermaster 2nd class filling an Instructor billet.  We had a bunch of MK II PBR’s, several Mini-ATC’s, two Mk I PCF’s, one MK II PCF, two 65’ PB’s and a couple of whalers. I was qualified in all boats, but I loved by PBR! I qualified as a 9533 – Combat Craft Boat Captain.   ET1 John (Jaguar) Maguire SEAL and I wrote and taught a two week course for our Active Duty folks as well as our Selective Reserve component.  I think this was the beginning of laying the ground work for a closed looped Special Warfare boat crew community that we have today.  CDR. John C. Foster was our skipper at the time and we were all pushing for a closed loop community.  Anyway, glad to be a part of your new organization.

Stay in-touch.   Hooyah!   Lonnie Dufour, Bunkie, LA 71322, (318) 346-6681

(Added 08-02-2010) GMG1 Larry Peacock -Aug 1981to Aug 1989 - Armory and PBR Boat Captain and Patrol Officer.

At SBU 22, I just had to get my hands on the PBR's & I did. I got real good at maneuvering them. As good as the best Engineman.

So I ask for one & got an empty hull. 20 boat. Well Sir, with a little help I rebuilt 2 engines & put them in 20 boat & did all the rest of the fixin up, all while still running the armory. Well when 20 boat went in the water it took some fine tuning to get her up to speed. But up to speed  she was. She could run with the big dogs I'm telling you. When we went to Pearl River I was behind the helm. Well after a year or so I took a crew of brown water sailors to SBU 26 in Panama for a month or so. And would you believe I had to take 20 boat with us & leave it over there when we returned. Yeah, I did. But it didn't take me long to figure out that they wanted to send the best & fastest boat to impress SBU 26. And impress them we did. 20 boat patrolled the Panama Canal Zone with its bow held high, Buddy. I hate to tell this  but when I had to leave 20 boat behind I think there was a tear or 2 shed. One thing about this sea story though; its no tall tale.  

GOD BLESS AMERICA  -  Larry J Peacock (USN Ret.)

Larry Peacock on 50 cal Crosscut sawing contest Sawing contest Raceland La. 60mm MK4 display 40mm MK-19 display

small arms display

giving boat rides PBR MKII Boat Rides Larry Peacock MKII PBR
PBR crash stop....dumping the buckets

Larry in NVGs  PVS5s

GMG1 Peacock demonstrating Flares Flare demonstration on Pearl River

MMC SEAL  Neidrauer getting dunked

SBU-22 Rats at Base Camp Base Camp

C-rats/MREs and Sodas ah the Basics for Rats


My Last Re-Enlistment

Loading out on USS Hermitage

PBRs going on Board

Going to Panama we brought our own gear including trucks.

Loading the Boats

Up goes the PBR cradle and all
lots of hard work

PBRs stored on ship

Rats transiting Canal 22 River Rats on Range in Panama GMG2 John


CWO4 J. Pearson and wife Sue

LTJG from base and ADMIN and Lt Rohling EN3 Stoner Partial Roster for SBU-22  

(Added 01-24-2011) Larry J Peacock (USN Ret.) Jim, one story I recall about SBU-22 was when several SBU-22 sailors navigated the inlets, I think with 2 or 3 PBR's from NOLA to very hazardous duty at Dauphin Island, Alabama. We were there to put on some boat shows for a crowd of spectators & some VIP's. The boat shows were great but as you can see from the photos, all of it wasn't fun & games. Getting sunburned while building sand castles wasn't any fun at all. The night life on the Island was another thing  we had to watch out for. It seemed that it had been a while since the female population had seen a man in uniform. Anyway we survived the night, sunburn, boat shows & a good time was had by all. You may recognize some of the sailors but due to my malfunctioning memory I only remember EN1 Griffin, GMG2 Robins & Lt. Rohling & myself of course. - Larry


Jim, I found a few more photos of one of our trips to Raceland, La.'s Sauce Piquante festival. Piroques & spectators. Sure hope you can use these & the other story I sent. I still got my thanking hat on so I may come up with another story.


(01-23-2012) George Coleman former SBU-20.  I spent 26 1/2 years as a SEAL, commissioned via NROTC in May 1981, completed BUD/S December '81, initially assigned to UDT-21/SEAL Team Four, went on to serve at SBUs 20 and 22, SEAL Team TWO (two tours- platoon commander, Training Officer and XO), SEAL Team EIGHT (CO), and staff tours at SOCACOM/SOCJFCOM (J3), BUPERS (SEAL Enlisted Community Manger), USSOCOM, and ASD SOLIC. I retired from the Navy as a Captain in November 2007.    More Here

(added 05-30-2012) Jim Vann 

 I took this photo for the Gamewarden RIVDIV515 reunion. It was last time a PBR was in the water.

SBU-22 PBL one of the first trips to Fort Knox.

26' CAC a hand me down from the Jedi Boyz.

Leaving Thailand but our stop in Guam we got roped into helping move crash victims from a downed Korean Flight.

A class of Thai PBR sailors being taught by SBU-22 1997.
Last of the SBU-22 PBRs going away. End of a Era. The last PBRs MKIIs of SBU-22 leave service 2001 they were sent to Venezuela.

SBU-22 MATC det in Panama Oct-Dec DET Alpha Jan-Mar Det Bravo GM2 Tomlin Boatcaptain. RIP Tomcat.


(added 06-26-2012)

Mini ATC fires a burst  from 50cal with BFA Mini ATC responds to ambush Mini ATCs up the Pearl River SBU-22 Mini ATC det Standing watch on the boats.
SBU-22  Insignia Ceremonial Pose at SBU-22 Training for real SBU-22 Rats Mini ATC in its element Roster of active duty  SBU-22

(added 08-31-2012) John C Miller - here is a copy of the SBU-22 Muster Roll for the Drill Weekend of 25,26 and 27 Feb. 1983.

(added 08-31-2012) Marcus Caldwell SBU-22
The Race Track on a CAC

ooops!! CAC high and dry!

M-60 shoot on the Range On the Range waiting for the command Downrange Columbia
My First Deployment PERU Down South underway

our PBL ready to roll

on Host Nation Whalers a Hitch Hiker
a another Pair of Whaler behind our patrol CAC with full armament SBU-22 DET FOXTROT CACs at Fort Knox Firing Range    
(added 01-22-2013)
CAC attack CAC det SBU-22 On the Mini ATC    

(added 07-05-2013) A small group of SBU-22 veterans met at SBT-22 for a little reunion. It was a good time by all    

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