Chitwood, Carl

 (07-01-02)  Gentlemen, While looking into the Seawolf site I noticed this:

"On 3 January 1997, the Bureau of Naval Personnel authorized, retroactively, the awarding of the Combat Aircrew Insignia to Combat Aircrewmen who served in HA (L)-3." 

Does anyone know if anyone has petitioned the Bureau of Naval Personnel or the Commander NSWC to authorize the retroactive awarding of the Combat Boat Crew/NSWC Insignia to those of us who served in MST-2? 

If not, is this something either you think would be a worthwhile pursuit? Carl

Here is a collection of photos from Carl from a SEAL insertion and Extraction.


Dsc00242.jpg (22773 bytes) Dsc00250.jpg (34706 bytes) Dsc00261.jpg (40448 bytes) Dsc00269.jpg (36752 bytes) Dsc00272.jpg (43875 bytes)
Looks like twin guns in the darkness. Sunset just after a seal insertion Reported to be the only LSSC to have a name on it. Captured B-40 rocket and floating launcher Chitwood and Shumaker head for SEAL extraction
Dsc00273.jpg (41111 bytes) Dsc00275.jpg (39723 bytes) Dsc00276.jpg (36409 bytes) Dsc00283.jpg (58663 bytes)
Chitwood and Shumaker return with SEALs Chitwood returning SEALS after ambush. MSSC on step. Chitwood returns from ambush with SEALS

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