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Michael Farnham - SBU-24 History

01/08/07 Michael Farnham     On the whole 24 at the time was setup to be more coastal, shallow water than riverine. I say that but know going into the early to mid 80's they may have well made some shifts back to riverine, due to our working in Central America, which was in direct support of SEAL efforts.
24 did had some different boats, we in fact did have one of the few MK I , kind of huge by PBR or Seafox standards. It had a 20 mm on the back 50/60 and Mk 19 capabilities up front and on the side. One really neat thing it had unlike any other boat I was on was a twin 50 mount, gear driven up in the crows nest. We also had a number of mini 4 -ATC's a handful of Mk II's , they later went to La, for a boat unit out of New Orleans. We had 2 or 3 Mk III's, that was the boat I qualified as boat  Capt on down in Puerto Rico. Somewhere I think I have a picture of one tied up along side at the DET at Rosey Roads. The MK III to me was an
ass kickin boat, it had all the fixins, 19, 50's on the sides or 60's. It had 20mm mech belt fed, up front and back, I seem to recall it had the twin 50 turret offset, it also had an offset plate that mounted a Rocket Propelled Grenade Launcher MK 81 . For its size it was very fast, but limited to coastal, it drew a wee bit more water to take it to far inshore.

We also had 2 seafox's.

The unit was made up of 6 SEALs not quite a squad, commanded by SEAL's, a lot of our training was with SEAL's ie S.E.R.E., and field exercises up at Ft AP Hill in Virginia and at the SEAL camp at Rosey Roads. There we learned patrol tactics, downed pilot rescue, P.O.W rescue, ambush, light weapons. Compass course, first aid, etc, etc.

We also provided training and support for the force that ended up going to Grenada, in 83, though for some reason there is little known or written about.

Talk to you soon.  - Michael

Michael Farnham
Land Development Manager
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Before transferring over to IUWG, which was in the spring of 83, my last training was the Sea Fox's doing high speed beach runs practicing strafing using the Mk III back behind us. We had SEALs swimming in setting charges on the beach. That was from a mile out.

As best as I can remember 24 and 20 were the boat units that deployed for Grenada, by the time Lebanon came along I was over in IUWG. I also thought SBU had some work in Panama in 89 but I don't have anything to confirm that. I know 4 SEALs went in at the beach at Grenada, from Little Creek but I don't know which team, my guess it would have been 2 or 4.

Our underway gun shoots took place both off the coast of Virginia, there are as you might know a number of ranges, and over in Puerto Rico, which for us was wide open and we had pick of the litter with what tiny coral islands we shoot up. Standing orders were to come back
tie with no ammo, we'd shoot 60, 19's , 20' and 50' all day long.

More soon   - mf



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