Pete Frede BMCS


Pete Frede, BMCS  - SBU-13



"Jim, I retired BMCS in 96 after I was told I wasn't medically fit for sea duty. I had the choice to stay at Bethesda Naval Hospital or since I already had over 20 in I could retire. So, I swallowed the anchor. My wife Patty and I are living in Greenville N.C. and yes, I'm still riding a Harley. Here's some photos and info for the webpage. During my time at SBU-13 I did the following deployments:
      3 deployments to Operation Earnest Will
      2 Shallow Hawk
      1 Kodiak
      1 Operation Desert Shield/Storm
      and was Command Chief for the Active Duty

During Operation Earnest Will a couple of PB's from SBU-13 were operating from MSB (mobile sea base) Hercules. EN2 Weber was the CHENG onboard one of these PB's. He was in the pilot house looking/playing with the FURUNO depth sounder when he noticed the silhouette of the Boghammer in approx. 152 ft. of water. The MSB Hercules was the moved to that location to recover the sunken vessel.

1987 lifting a PBMKII onto Wimbrown VII
Barge Hercules in Persian Gulf 1987 1987 WBVII with PB in Skid and note SBU-XI PBRs on Barge also. Helo ops with HC-3 Desert Duck 1988 bring parts and personnel to WBVII from Bahrain
Pete's  crew faces only a mother could love.

SBU-13 and 12 PB Dets on Hercules 1989 Underway gunshoot with 50cal piggybacked to 81mm mortar
Even the shortest guy firing Mk-19  Grenade launcher note expended casings Shallow Hawk 88 in Sacramento Delta oping with SBU-XI Note Blank firing adapter on 50Cal SN Machuca and trailered RIB27 a24' Willard RHIB Kodiak Alaska

RIB27 secured for Recovery at Crab Cooker Launch site Kodiak AK April 1990
Washing down the boats at Crab Cooker Launch site Kodiak AK. The 24" Willard RHIBs were just introduced into the SBUs in 1989 At Change of Command reception Command CPO Pete Frede presents out going C.O Fred Conniff the SBU-13 Plack
Special Boat Unit Compound at quarters and birthday announcement of a crewmen to Unit.

Desert Storm: Here is the sailing list of SBU-13 Det. Bravo dated 19 Sept 90
      BMC(SW) Pete Frede
      EN1         Mark Machado
      BM2        William Barbosa
      EN2         John Scott Jr.
      QMSN      James Mortiz III
      ETSN       Patrick Walsh
If you saw the series that the discovery channel did about the Navy SEALS.
Admiral Ray Smith said that 4 SEALS took down the oil rigs at the start of Desert Strom. That is WRONG, WRONG, WRONG, WRONG! Two of the 4 sailors that did the oil rigs came from SBU-13 and they were:
                 EN1    Mark Machado
                 QMSN James Mortiz III
                 Plus 2 SEALS

We flew over on a C-5 on this schedule: (All below time's are local)
               0530  20 Sept 90  Departed SBU-13 NAB Coronado
               0600  20 Sept 90  Arrived NAS North Island
               0730  20 Sept 90  Departed
               1500  20 Sept 90  Arrived AF Base Charleston SC
               1800  20 Sept 90  Departed
               0900  21 Sept 90  Arrived AF Base Zaraguza Spain
               1230  21 Sept 90  Departed
               2030  21 Sept 90  Arrived in country Dhahran SA
And we returned on a C-5  (All above time's are local)
               0745  11 Mar 91  Departed Dhahran SA
               1330  11 Mar 91  Arrived AF Base Torrejon Spain
               1730  11 Mar 91  Departed
               2000  11 Mar 91  Arrived AF Base Dover Del
               0015  12 Mar 91  Departed
               0315  12 Mar 91  Arrived NAS North Island
               0400  12 Mar 91  Departed
               0430  12 Mar 91  Arrived SBU-13 NAB Coronado
                                       Mission Complete

Some of the equipment we took with us:
              8      9MM
             18     9MM mags
              8      M-16
             22     M-16 mags
              2      M-60
              2      M-60 Barrels
              2      M-203
              2      NVG
              2      I-COM  M-120
              2      LC-90   M2-A
              2      RT-1285/APX-100
              2      Radar FURUNO-1730

Also, when we went to the desert our primary job was CSAR, but, with business being slow our mission shifted to:

Pete Frede

SBU-13 RIB Det Bravo Picture taken by EN2 Scott Left to right BMC Frede, EN2 Machado, QMSN Moritz,BM2 Barbosa, ETSN Walsh Ras Al Gar Live fire exercise ETSN Walsh (left) EN2 Scott (right)
Live fire exercise.. Hot extraction training Maintenance area SBU-13 RIB Det. Ras Al Mishab Saudi Arabia BMC Frede firing M-60E3

BM2 Barbosa holds the boat nosed on island. RIB Det Loading up SEAL Zodiacs to go out on Ops. EN2 Scott prepping the RIB
RIB Det conducting Stinger Training Left to right, QMSN Moritz, unknown, EN2 Scott, EN2 Machado, on board Sawahil
EN2 Scott and QMSN Moritz on board the Sawahill

too rough to launch or recover the RIB we would trail them astern the Sawahill, EN2 Scott's turn to ride the RIB