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Update O.M.T.P.T. project

Hello and Happy Valentines to You All,
I know it has been a while since I have sent an update. So just to keep you all informed here goes.

Last October 31st the yard I was supposed to move into lost the lease on the property and was closed. Since early in November I have been looking for a new space to assemble the boat on. At the moment I have to move what has been completed from here by the end of March.

Now as of yesterday2-8-02 I have 3 possibilities of assembly locations in and near Stockton. One is a storage yard near the Port of Stockton. Two others are an old boat yard near Stockton Iron Works. The last is an old peat grinding yard on Holt Island between Turner cut and Windmill Cove. As always I won't know anything conclusive until later this week.

There are two other places that I have yet to check sometime this week down in Alviso near San Jose. Unfortunately if I haven't come up with a place to build on by the end of March I will be forced to scrap the project. I will keep you informed of what is happening as I get the news.

Take Care and Fair Well
Rob McCarthy

Hi Dan,

I know I asked you this question once before however, under the circumstances I thought I better ask again.  What do you think his chances are of constructing the boat at the old SBU at Mare Island?  Or, any ideas of another spot?  Do you have any contacts down there?  I'm just trying to help this guy out.  I'd hate to see him scrap it after coming this far.  Have you seen any of the pictures he's taken?  If not, I can send you some.

Anyway, take care,
Ray Wilbur

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4/01/02   Hi Dan, 
Thanks for asking.  He back on track and I'll be getting weekly updates and pictures of the progress.  What is OMTPT? Well, I didn't know so I asked and here's what he sent me: 
 Other than my daughter you are the first person to ask that. Since the Coast Guard wont let me go with just a hull number I had to give the boat a name . And omtpt is just the abbreviation of the hull name. One More Time P.T. project.
 Rob McCarthy
Have a good day and I'll keep you posted!    Ray