Cutfinger Watercraft


Cutfinger Watercraft

07/27/03    Hi, My name is Mike Lee I received a Patent for the world fastest rough water craft, #6,571,725 June 3, 2003. I'm looking for a builder to help me in manufacturing the world fastest rough water craft. I have made contact with U.S.M.C and there very interested in my invention and would like to see it in action. were do I go from here ??? Maybe you could help. Mike...

Hi, Dan Thanks for returning my e-mail so soon and thanks for the info, this is the hard part finding the right contacts to start this project . I'm inclosing an attachment that shows my invention a little better. the craft is about 54' long and about 3' wide and about 4'6'' tall , the craft goes through the waves at a high rate of speed and you don't get pounded by the waves. I do have a U.S Patent and a P.C.T # 6,571,725 on this craft and the anticavitation system. Check it out !

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Photos of the Prototype in construction - 04/30/04
Early Photos of the Model