Long Beach




 P-520 in Long Beach, CA


I got to Long Beach today and shot the boat. I think my recollection of the boat was accurate.  It sure looks like the air-sea rescue boat on the first link.  I hadn't seen either of these sites before, you might find them interesting.  The boat isn't identical to the boats on the link but it is pretty close.  I'm only seeing detail changes that could have been easily made to the boat.  It is in excellent condition.  The last picture is of the transom and shows the reflections of near objects. Strange, the boat has no numbers and no name (required of "documented vessels").  It seems to me that any boat that is actually used would require one or the other.  This boat has neither and it's in fine shape.  I'm wondering why anyone would keep a boat like this in great condition if they can't use it.  I'll contact the boat yard where it's moored and see if they know anything about it.  They must, it's been there for years.

One other note of interest; the boat docked next to it is the boat the oil platform crews use for transportation.  It once rescued me when I was windsurfing a couple of miles off shore and the wind quit.




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I keep looking at these pics, and I have to say, this is the most SERIOUS looking boat I've ever seen!  And I've seen them all!  Serious sailboats, serious race boats, all of them.  This boat is Frowning without looking unhappy!  Strange combination.  It's kind of like, when this boat approaches, all boats lay to.  I think  my mother generated looks kind of like this one.  Still does!

It seems strange that the time period between WWII and Vietnam was less than 15 years and yet we are nearly 30 years past our experience in Southeast Asia.

Hope you like the pics.  They were surprisingly easy to get.


Here is a photocopy of more info about this boat : PT520resto1.jpg (39191 bytes)