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Mini-Armored Troop Carrier (ATC) 

Displacement: 15 tons 
Length: 36 feet 
Beam: 12.7 feet 
Draft: 3.5 feet 
Propulsion: 2 diesels, water jets 
Speed: 28 kts 
Crew: 2 + 18 troops 
Weapons: 7 weapons stations for various combinations of 7.62mm mg, .50 mg, Mk 19 Mod 3 40mm grenade launchers, Mini-gun

Photo: US Navy



The Mini ATC was designed as a replacement for the MSSC during the Vietnam War and arrived too late to serve in Vietnam. They were distributed to the Coastal River Divisions and later the Special Boat Units. During the late 70s and up to the 90s they were the main boat used for River Assault Operations and Riverine Seal platoon support.

In the Late 80s the Mini ATC engines were up graded to 8V92TAs, and then they could go speeds of up to 40knots,and that's FAST on a river!!! It's an excellent Combat River boat with gunmounts providing 360 degree coverage and armor inserts. This flat bottom jet boat. can carry 14 troops and a crew of 4. The Special Boat Unit/Teams discontinued using them in favor of more air transportable Boats such as the CAC, PBL and SOCR.

The Phillipine NSW/Marines use them but they have different color schemes. Columbia will soon receive some as well.

Personally I had fun riding and shooting off of them. SBU-XI maintained their boats great. they were great River Rats.

Cheers, Jim G.