Vietnam Unit Memorial Monument /
Small Boat Display

The Vietnam Unit Memorial was officially dedicated
Saturday, May 21, 2005

In Attendance:

Adams, Ellis , ENMC On the Alumni
Beck, Tom, ET1 To Be added
Bower , Mike
Cunningham, Paul LT ON Alumni
Dillon, Harry “Speed”
Dyer, David EN3
Eldred. Bruce
Edwards, Bernard, LT
Giscion, John M LTjg
Huston , Tom
Karayan , Chuck
Marshall, Chip
Miller , Randy “Bear”
Olsen, Chris EM3
Platz , Marc
Sandoval, Alan EN2
Spangler, Doug, EN2
Smith , Steven
Stoner, Bob GMGMC
Thomas, James EN1
Thomas, Steve LT
Wojciechowski , Frank

Article from the San Diego Union Tribune, Sunday May 22, 2005


Hi Ralph,

About a month ago I was in San Diego and went to Coronado to visit the new boats at the memorial. I couldn't get on the base to do that without a personal escort. Is there a way to do that in the future. I want to get some  photos to add to my sites about the new layout.

Regards,  Dan

Good Evening Dan, 

I know how you felt about not getting on NAB to view the Memorial. But with 9/11 still being in effect on all military bases. It is something that we just have to live with until the terrorist threat is completely over with. 

Here is the only way you will be able to get onboard the base. You can call me and I can escort you onboard as I did with a fellow veteran today. I met him at the gate and escorted him onboard to CISM Field to do the same thing that you want to do. It was an emotional day for him too as it is for all who come to visit. The first visit is a shocker as it is the reality check of the display scenario setting of actuality in country. So don't feel bad because it is good for your physiological feelings become tear eyed. It does it to all who come to visit for the 1st time. I am usually onboard the base every work day from about 0900 to 1400 daily during the week. Here is my cell phone number that you can call me anytime on - 760 535 3057. It is best if you would call before hand so we can set up a time to meet at the gate. It works a whole lot better that way. A whole lot less confusion for all concern. They will turn you around if I am not standing there to meet you. 

We are working on the 2nd section of the monument now. We should finish installing the rebar in the monument void by this Friday. Then we just have to build the platform to stand on when pouring cement. By the end of the following week, we should be ready to pour again. 

You can follow the weekly progress of the construction of the Memorial on my web page under the ICON CISM Field 2002

Ralph J. Fries 
On-Site Coordinator USN/USCG 
Vietnam Unit Memorial Monument/Small Boat Display

07/23/02  I thought you folks might like to read the Navy Compass Newspaper article about the Dedication of CCB-18 on June 29th at CISM Field Viet Nam Unit Memorial Monument Small Boat Display, Naval Amphibious Base, Coronado. Also a copy of my new graphics for the back of my RV Motor Home for spreading the word out about the Memorial Small Boat Display. Ralph J. Fries