Miniature WWII PTboats


Two Model boats created by Robert VoorheesRDV71152@aol.com, Holt Michigan next to Lansing, MI.    Telephone  517-694-2604

One is a 15 foot made by hand, no kit. I can ride in it. It includes a CB radio, ship to shore radio, am/fm radio. It has running lights, anchor light, plus siren and air horn. Two water cannons, port side like a 55cal. 

8 foot pt boat
all made by hand not a kit. It has a horn, bilge pump, water pump. It runs on 2 car batteries and 1 motorcycle battery at 95lb of thrust with 3 fish trolling motors. It has 5 speeds forward and 3 speeds backward at 15 mph. 

(Sorry Bob, I will get these sorted into a useful order later.)

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I used this car to move it from lake to lake.

THE DLG (guided missile destroyer)  IS OVER 25 YEAR OLD. I BUILT IT IN 1974. It is 3 CHANNEL RC and 8 FOOT LONG with a 9" BEAM dlg.jpg (18943 bytes)    

(11-16-02) - Added oil Paintings submitted by Robert:

ptpainting1.jpg (38033 bytes) ptpainting2.jpg (40012 bytes)