Displacement: 82500 lbs light, 82500 lbs full load
Length: 64' - 10 3/4"
Beam: 18' - 0 3/4"
Height: -- Exclusive of Masts, Antenna, Etc. -18' - 6 1/2"
: 5.5'
Props: 3 -
RH, 3 blade, 32" diameter x 35' pitch (cupped), bronze Columbian Bronze Corp., "Crew boat" style
Propulsion: Three General Motors 8V71T1 diesel engines with 2:1 reduction gear, starboard, center, and port engines. Detroit Diesel model 7082-7399Each engine develops 650 HP @ 2300 RPM (600 SHP @ 2300 RPM)
Generator: One 15 KW, 120/108v, 60 cycle A.C. three phase ONAN model 15MDJF4R type "YD"
Electrical System: 24v DC provided by two 28.5v alternators,
Motorola model 85A3006P, 120v AC provided by diesel auxiliary generator
Speed: 26 knots
Range: 450n. miles at full speed, 2000n. miles at slow speeds.
Crew: Officers / Enlisted   1 / 4
Guns: See chart below.....
Hoisting Weight --- Full Load + Bands 83000 lbs
Total Potable Water Capacity
100 gal.
Total  Fuel Capacity -1800 gal
Construction: Longitudinally Framed Aluminum Hull V-bottom

Photo: Mike Klapka

(UNCLASSIFIED Information from 1979)

At this time, the 65 ft. PB is the newest, most advanced small Patrol Boat in the USN inventory. It was designed as a high speed weapons platform for the Naval Inshore Warfare forces, capable of carrying a variety of U.S. or foreign weapons in a number of alternate locations. A modular payload concept is incorporated, allowing the craft to be adapted to a variety of missions in deep rivers, harbors, coastal or open sea environments. Missions envisioned include patrol, surveillance, interdiction, fire support against ashore and afloat targets and insertion / extraction of NIW units. The main deck of the craft is reinforced in vital areas so that future mission capabilities, dependent upon the development and/or availability of the necessary systems hardware, may include anti-submarine sonar or torpedoes, mine laying, mine detection and mine sweeping.

The craft is powered by three high power, lightweight diesels providing speeds significantly higher than any other USN patrol boat of this size. Fuel and Accommodations will permit unsupported missions of up to five days or 450 NM (2000 NM at reduced speeds). Multi-frequency communications, high resolution surface search radar and reasonable stability in moderately heavy seas will permit day/night, all weather operations. The all aluminum craft was designed with a low silhouette, low radar cross section and extremely low acoustic noise levels to preclude ready detection.



NAVSHIPS Dwg.No. 65PBMK3-4382143
Procurement Status Operational FY 75




Rev .38 SP 6 2 4 Double 1600 Yds 55 Yds -----
M14 7.62 20 10 22 Semi / Auto 5000  Yds 500  Yds ---- / 775 RPM
M16 5.56 20 7 20 Semi / Auto 2900  Yds 500  Yds ---- / 175 RPM
Shotgun 12 Ga. 5 8 20 Pump 748  Yds 45  Yds -----
MG, M2HB .50 Belt 84 45 Semi / Auto 7400  Yds 2250  Yds ---- / 550 RPM
MG, M60 7.62 Belt 22 24 Auto 3200  M 1100  M 550 RPM
MG, MK16 20 MM 385 120 53 Auto 7000  Yds 3222  Yds 725 RPM
M79 / 203 20 MM 1 8 / 3 12 / 10 Single 470 / 400 M 375 / 350 M -----
MG, MK19 40 MM Belt 53 12 Auto 2200  M 1850  M 475 RPM
MK3 - 9 40 MM 48 2800 72 Semi / Auto 9475  Yds 5126  Yds ---- / 120 RPM
MK4 - 0 60 MM 1 125 36 Drop / Trigger 1950  Yds 1950  Yds -----
MK2 - 1 81 MM 1 627 36 Drop / Trigger 2800 Yds 2800  Yds -----



    Mk III weapons package.

    mk3a.jpg (129133 bytes) Mk III profile and arrangement. mk3b.jpg (164644 bytes)
    [ Webmaster: information from this section obtained from "The Ships and Aircraft of the American Fleet", by Normal Palmar]

Builders: Marinette Marine, Wisc. and Peterson Builders, Sturgeon Bay, Wisc.

    The PB Mk III was developed as a multi-mission inshore warfare craft for U.S. and foreign naval service.  The U.S. craft are operated by the active SBUs.

Classification: These craft are also designated as Special Warfare Craft, Medium (SWCM).  The Naval Systems Command designates these craft as PB Mk 3l however, they are listed as Mk III in the Fleet.

Design:  The Mk III is a modified commercial craft used to support offshore drilling platforms in the Gulf of Mexico.  These craft are of all-aluminum construction with their pilot house offset to starboard to provide maximum deck space for weapons and equipment.  The craft has low radar cross-section and quiet engines for clandestine operations.  Mission duration is up to five days.

Guns: These craft generally are fitted with an automatic 40-mm gun forward and up to four .50-cal machine guns on pintle mountings.  These are also hard points on the deck for fitting larger guns as well as missiles.  They can also be rigged to carry mines, torpedoes, or minesweeping gear.

    One unit was used to evaluate the 25-mm Bushmaster cannon.

Missiles: The PB III was used to evaluate the Norwegian-developed Penguim SSM with four stowage/launcher containers being fitted on the after portion of the deck.

PB Mk II armed with machine guns and 40-mm grenade launcher. Note lifting padeyes forward and aft: bridge structure offset to starboard. (1982, Giorgio Arra) ptfmkIIIa.JPG (98351 bytes)
PB Mk III fitted with 40-mm automatic cannon forward and machine guns. (1983, Giorgio Arra) ptfmkIIIb.JPG (115400 bytes)
PB Mk III with machine guns forward, 40-mm grenade launcher amidships, and Norwegian-produced Penguim SSM cannister aft. (1982, Giorgio Arra) ptfmkIIIc.JPG (85103 bytes)

Readers Photos:  Photos from Mike Kalpak

pb751.jpg (175236 bytes) :pba.jpg (132919 bytes) pbb.jpg (290947 bytes) pbc.jpg (242204 bytes)
mk3con.jpg (160835 bytes) mk3st.jpg (100582 bytes) pbd.jpg (293317 bytes)  
Control panel showing the throttles, gyro, compass, radar, gauges, rudder position indicator, wheel, etc.  Pic of an endless wake trail.

 I feel like the Grim Reaper bringing bad news. I was just up in Wilmington, and found that the other of the Sea Spectres rejected by California Fish & Game was broken up in June by California Diesel.. That was the 65PB737. They had already broken up the 65PB755 in 2000. To my knowledge, General Propulsion still has the 65PB736 in their yard in Palm Springs; I've never been there and want to take a drive over there in the winter when its cooler in the desert. -George.

 Dan: This is old news, but something none-the-less. Chip

02/13/01 from Patrick Flynn, []

There are currently 3 boats for sale on Guam coming up in next months DRMS offering. I have done all the leg work for shipping, and have found it will cost $150k to dry ship it from Guam to CA. A little too much for my blood, but here is everything I have gathered to date. 

If someone is interested I can help with some of the shipping contacts I have used to generate my pricing with Matson as they are the only shipper to go direct between Guam and the West coast of the US. 

The information listed below was supplied by DRMS on Guam. The Patrol Boats were sold in September 2000. The weights listed in the catalog for that sale were erroneous and a waiver was required to be signed by the buyer. The boats were awarded but the buyers did not sign the waiver so now the boats are being offered on sale again. The high bids we received for the boats on that sale were, $54,432.00, $31,115.21 and $40,001.11. Those were the bids on IFB 50-0720, items 15, 16 and 17. Bid Opening for the patrol boats is March 20, 2001 and inspection begins March 5, 2001. The method of sale is sealed bid and the catalog should be available on the web approximately three days before the first day of inspection.

Length Overall 64'- 10 3/4"
Max Beam - Including Guard Rails 18'- 0 3/4" 
Max Height - Exclusive of Masts, Antenna, Etc. 18'- 6 1/2" 
Full Load Displacement 81,800 lbs. 
Light Load Displacement 65,500 lbs. 
Hoisting Weight - Full Load 83,000 lbs. 
Total Fuel Capacity 1800 gal. 
Total Water Capacity 100 gal.
Construction Longitudinally Framed Aluminum Hull, Vee-Bottom 
Crew Officers 1, Enlisted 4 
Three 8V71T Detroit Diesel Engines
Hull numbers 65PB751, 65PB776 and 65PB775

What ever happened to those 3 MKIII's  in Guam that were for sale. I heard they were sold, then I heard they were pulled off.

 Sorry I took so long to respond. I've been home about a week, but haven't been paying much attention to E-mail while getting caught up on everything else. The MkIII's went back for sale on IFB 50-1710, with a bid-opening date of 03/20/2001. 65PB775 and 65PB776 both went to Dong Yang Steel (Guam) Co., P.O.Box 26396 G.M.F., Barrigada, Guam, 96921. The first went for $51,000, the second for $46,000. 65PB751 went to Harbor Equipment Services LLC, c/o Bruce C. Spencer, PO Box 820, Cherry Hill NJ 08002, for $35,000. Dong Yang had bid $22,300 for her. These were from the Bid Abstract list, which only lists the bidders and their bids; its not actually the confirmation of who received them, although its rare that the highest bidder doesn't win. Hope this helps. -George. 

Do you have any updated information about the 65' PBmk3? Your web site has info up to '79.  I know that 3 of them had major retrofit in '91. I did the air/water/hydraulics on them at Mare Island. I got transferred before they were finished. I was there for most of the work, but missed the good parts at the end   I was looking to see how their equipping them now.  Henry Berger []  
Look - two MKIIIs now owned by private parties - Visit their pages.
PB-736 - Tuck Rion - North Myrtle Beach, S.C.. 
PB-759 - Terry Harmon - Mobile,Alabama

01/08/03    HI, Attached are some pictures of a PB 777 taken sometime in 81. The boat is rigged with Penguin Missiles. I was an FTM along with one other FT, we were in charge of testing the Norwegian missile. You guys have a nice website.

More photos at 

Thanks FTMC(SW) Ret, Don Slack