What we are about at Warboats.org




What are we doing here ?

     The Warboats of America website provides introductory, historical and current information about the primary military fast attack, patrol and rescue craft built and used between World War II and the present. We have coined the word “warboats” to be the military maritime equivalent of “warbirds,” the widely known term describing military combat aircraft.

     Our web site presents basic facts and background about the primary types of military combatant watercraft and limited details about others. Also it includes personal accounts of crew member veterans who served aboard them, and reports about historic boat restoration projects throughout the nation as well as some “civilianized” survivors.

     Our website does not attempt to provide an encyclopedic reference source for all combatant craft designed, built and used during military conflicts during the past more than 60 years. But by providing an overview and also links to other sites with more detailed information it helps guide those interested through the military maritime maze.

     More detailed information about specific “small combatant craft” can be found on more focused websites, in numerous specialized books and video documentaries and through other sources.


     Also many groups of veterans who served on these boats have their own web sites, as do various historic restoration projects, some individual veterans, military enthusiasts and others. Connections to these sites and pages can be made by the Links in an individual page or the "Links" page.

     In summary, the purpose of Warboats of America web site is to:
  • present an overview of military combat watercraft and their roles in wartime;
  • help create greater public awareness of these boats and their histories;
  • honor the valiant service of the crews who served aboard them; and
  • promote the efforts of the veterans, historic boat restoration and other worthy groups and individuals.

     It is dedicated especially to those crew members who gave their own lives for their country and its citizens, and their belief in freedom and democratic principles.