Collection of Uniform Patches for BSU history.


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Boat Support Unit ONE
Patch Collection

Collected by Jim Gray, GMCM, (Ret). Can you add any to this collection? Scan them and send them along. Submit any corrections or comments.

World War II

patch23.jpg (25430 bytes) patch26.jpg (22055 bytes) patch28.jpg (14339 bytes)

Boat Support Unit - One

bsuarm.jpg (8014 bytes) mst2b.jpg (25000 bytes) patch10.jpg (30864 bytes) Patch11.jpg (34895 bytes) patch12.jpg (16119 bytes)
patch13.jpg (16517 bytes) patch14.jpg (33451 bytes) patch15.jpg (27255 bytes) st3a.jpg (16300 bytes) patch18.jpg (40532 bytes)
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Coastal River Squadron - MST-3


Coastal River Division XI

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Patch65.jpg (16755 bytes) patch69.jpg (10442 bytes) patch74.jpg (14853 bytes) <- Patch made in Pattaya Beach Thailand during Cobra Gold 94 designed by CPO Harper and made up by Troy Heuer. Shows a Willard 24'Rib, 30 IRIB an HSB and a PBMKIII


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Patch44.jpg (2655 bytes)


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Other Units

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patch75.jpg (12707 bytes) patch76.jpg (12810 bytes) patch77.jpg (16586 bytes) patch78.jpg (18078 bytes) patche57.jpg (15662 bytes)

SWCC Insiginia on Desert Cammie        

    Seal Team - 1    
st1b.jpg (15128 bytes) st1d.jpg (20944 bytes) st1.jpg (20818 bytes)  

Patches from the Robert Frederick Dussault Collection
Sat Cong- S.Vietnamese SF Unit Sat Cong means "Kill VC"   USN SUPPORT UNIT HQ USS Rogers Destroyer patch for Vietnam USS Rogers Varient
USS Rogers Jacket ID MST-3 Vietnam BSU-1 Vietnam made SEAL Team One Vietnam made TF-116 Navy Headquarters unit that handeled Brown water Navy units and SEALs and MST
Jungle Expert, Qualification Patch US ARMY School for jungle Ops based in Panama Navy and name tags worn on our utility Greens Uniforms USARMY 3rd armored cav regt MAVC- USARMY overall Headquarters Command for Forces in VietNam S. VietNamese Ranger or Marine Unit .