Dan, I've tried to send you some of my pictures, travel orders and other memorabilia. I sent my 71-72 wage statement as a joke. The radio on the (green Ration) punch card I still have in my garage and it works pretty good after 30+ years.  

Did you know that BSU-1 helped train UDT-SEALS for the Apollo space program?    Marc

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Temporary Additional Duty Authorization Orders. Authorized to carry weapons. Temporary Additional Duty Authorization. Demolition and jumping from a plane. Temporary Additional Duty Authorization. to MST, DaNang.  Temporary Additional Duty Authorization. to destinations within the Republic of Vietnam Group Travel to CONUS on MAC. Temporary Additional Duty Authorization. for 1 week school Coronado. We did it for the money. $2349.62 for 1972 as FN/EN3 + combat pay
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Ration Card - MACV form 333, Exp: Aug71 Piaster Conversion Card Payroll Signature Card Liberty Pass Mess Pass Meal Pass Liberty Pass
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MST-2 Boat Repair, Ford Engine and head repair building Rear of the Ford Engine and head repair shop. Open building to right were Chevy, outdrive & Jabsoc pump repairshops. Center 3 were shipfitter repair. The end one was hit by a rocket and burned down after this photo. MST-2, Det Golf MRT patches
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Seals and MST in a small outboard powered boat.


PTF Osprey Underway Results of Military Leadeship Test Orders to CRS-1, Coronado, CA List of transferees Temporary Additional Orders to Chocolate Mountains Firing Range, Niland, CA.  

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