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Would like to know if you could tell me about M-2s and what a M-2 assault boat looked like.They were used crossing both Roer & Rhine river. The reason why I am asking is, my grandfathers unit had to make false bows for these boats. Have you ever heard of a boat called Storm boats?
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Thank You     Steven Tooker     207th Engineer Combat Battalion Researcher 

09-06-03     Dan. I am writing to you for information on the housing used by us during the peroxide May 65 to Oct 65 as I remember it was on DOC LOP street  and we rode a jeep to the base every day went by  the white elephant and across the bridge and on to work. Any information that you can get for me would be helpful.. The VA said that being in the navy you have to prove that you were land based before you can get a claim for agent orange. I had prostate cancer and I need to get this info for them. Any phone numbers or names would be helpful.   thanks  Tom Maxwell   501-922-6921

09-05-03     Dan, I don't know if I was in BSU-1 when you were but I'm looking for information on how I can prove that I was stationed in DaNang with the unit.This information is needed for the VAso I can get my benefits for my prostate cancer do to agent orange.  Is there any way that you have to prove this information.  I have no record of me being on the ground, the VA said the a navy personal could have been on a ship off shore and they would  not qualify for the benefits.   Any Thoughts Help would be appreciated    Tom Maxwell   call me at 501 922 2169


I am looking for ANY info on WW II US NAVY PRBs, Plane Rearmament Boats. These were plywood boats, used to carry bombs and torpedoes to seaplanes. They are approx 34 ft in length and had a single Gray Marine 671 diesel engine just like the LCVP landing craft. I own one that is converted to an active commercial fishing boat. It was built in 1944 in Dark Harbor Maine. I can find lots of info about PBRs LCVPs PTs, etc, but absolutely nothing on PRBs.

Thanks for any help you can offer.

Mark Meltzer,

On a personal note I would like to know if your boats ever came under attack by NVA helos, we lost a boat the 19 to what our guys swear were helos, but the Navy refuses to acknowledge the existence of NVA helos. Thanks Jerry Sullivan

Sully PCF 79, And Others, An Thoi, Chu Lai, Danang 68-69

Question   06/30/03   Subject: Reporter question Dan:

Iím working on a story about a new Evinrude outboard engine being developed by Bombardier Recreational Products for use by the Navy. Itís submersible and is to run on a variety of fuels. Iím looking for experts who can comment on the engine and its possible use by the military. Do you have the expertise to do so, or could you suggest someone I can interview by phone by Wednesday?

Thank you. Tom Kertscher Staff Reporter, Racine County Bureau Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 262/884-7741: Phone 262/886-6975: Fax E-mail Web site


There are probably trade publications that might be addressing the development of such an engine, but my expertise is ordnance and not propulsion. But, I'll bounce some ideas off the wall for you.

First, I'd try the marine dealers around the Milwaukee-Chicago area and ask them what kinds of trade publications they get in -- especially stuff from the engine manufacturers. You may find some trade news that leads you to more information. Also, the dealers may be able to point you towards information leads.

Second, if you're certain who the manufacturer is, contact them directly and ask for some information. I would also broaden my search among the other manufacturers while casting about for information. That's because unless a production contract has been awarded, things are still in the R&D stage. Usually the Navy will try and enlist several manufacturers in such a development. You may be able to piece together enough information here for a short article.

Third, have you gotten any response from the public information officer at Naval Special Warfare Command? Give them a try.

Research, Development, Test, and Evaluation (RDT&E) will be carried out both at Coronado, CA (ST-1) and Little Creek, VA (ST-2). After all the RDT&E is done, the production contract is awarded for the item.

Sorry that I can only give you general areas to research, but it is a start.



Dear Sir:  I wonder if you have any info on P1101 Dark Adventurer? She was a Dark Class Fast Patrol Boat Built Saunders Roe Beaumaris,launched Oct 28 1954. My grandfather worked at Saunders Roe, passing away many yrs ago. I inherited the original prototype model of P1101 and would love to know the history.
Yours Geoff Walton

1/02/03     This thing appeared over the weekend at the boat yard across the canal from me.  What is it?

Marc Bracken