SCPO Meland


B. Meland, SBCS


 (01-16-2010) B. Meland SBCS - I was a regular fleet sailor from 1983 to 1996 as an Operations Specialist. On my last ship, I met a guy who knew a lot about the SBUs and he convinced me to put in a package. I did, was accepted, and attended SWCC school in 1996; graduating with SWCC Class 20.

SCPO Meland on MKV SOC

I was SWCC from Dec 1996 until retirement in Aug 2005. I was assigned to SBU-12 from Jan 1997 to Sep 2002, and then CSBR-1/NSWG-3 Sep 2002 until retirement. While at SBU-12, my first Det assignment was Det HOTEL (Guam). I did a complete deployment work-up, then got selected for Chief and pulled out to take another Det. So, I became Det GOLF OIC. Did another complete deployment work-up and went out to relieve Det HOTEL at NSWU-1 (Apr to Oct 1998) on the Zodiac 24ft craft; and I believe that was the last four-boat det deployment. After that deployment I was put in charge of the Armory for about 9 months, and then took another Det, Det OSCAR (Bahrain). Deployed to NSWU-3 from Jun to Dec 2000 where we did some maritime interdiction ops supporting UN sanctions against Iraq, and then a port security op in UAE after the Cole bombing.

After returning from that deployment, I was made Training Dept LCPO, and held that job for about 14 months until transferring to CSBR-1/NSWG-3. Of course CSBR-1 changed to NSWG-3 about a month after my transfer, so I am a NSWG-3 plank owner. There I was put in Requirements Dept as the Surface LNO. But when war with Iraq was gearing up, I deployed as part of the battle staff for the NSW Task Force with CDR Alex Wilson from Feb to May 2003. When I returned from that deployment, I continued as the Surface LNO in Requirements until retirement June 2005.

11 meter RHIB with Seals VBSS Training Rib Det OSCAR at SCI conducting hot extraction training...March 2000 11 meter Ribs underway on Walker Lake.... Exercise Desert Rescue X... Hawthorne NV June 2002 Rib Det ALPHA conducts Medevac training... EX Desert Rescue X   Hawthorne  NV June 2002
Rib Det ALPHA conducts cast and recovery training... EX Desert Rescue X Hawthorne NV June 2002 Weapons shoot at Kuwait range. Aug 2000 MKV shock mitigation testing near Point Conception Hula Dolls on MKV Jan.2005 NSWG-3 range day on 1000 inch range at North Is.